Looking for a fun team to play with

My fiance and I play a lot of overwatch (well we used to) I’m starting to get back into it and I don’t have many friends. I’m ranked low gold but I mostly play arcade matches for fun. I play in the evenings and stream it to, so if you wanna watch me die alot before you decide to friend me you totally can!

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im looking for more people to play with also add me MySteri0us#11890


I am also looking for someone to play with, i used to play with my gf but she cant play that much lately.

Just for your information I can join voice chat but English is my second language and I am still learning.

If you dont mind, you can add me below:
Id: AlexisDeWitt#1817
(just add me if you really want to play, sadly many people have added me but never reply/invite/accept invitation…)

Hey message me I game with a group of people and we play consistently and work hard to be inclusive and non toxic!

DerpyTheElf#1305 is my user name!

Hi hi!
I am looking for some people to play with too since I recently switched from ps4 to pc!
My tag is Ħirăeŧh#2502 :slight_smile:

what rank are you and which reigon are you in ?