Loading screen bug

I qued for a comp game, and waited about 12 mins, for you could probably guess, dps. When I Got the screen for our map it stayed in the scenic format, and I was unable to do anything shortly afterward it removed me, and to my bewilderment when I checked comp I had lost the SR (50) and was suspended. All I ask for is the ability to play during my free time, I can get my comp points back but the time I want to spend playing I cant. I’m not sure what can be done but if there is anything it would be greatly appreciated.
Also, just a heads up, pretty sure this a requiring thing.

There’s nothing that can be done about the SR loss or the loss of the game. More info on that:

This means that even though the match was running for the other players, your computer wasn’t able to fully connect to where the match was being hosted. If you know the server the match was on, you could run a WinMTR to it.

got it, thanks a lot and have a good one