LF players/ QP or competitive (no voice late night gamer)

Recent game as Heals: HF5XVR

Recent gameplay as mercy - If you would like to group sometime, late night US times 10pm-2am~ I don’t have voice available during these times sorry - However I’m a decent player that can read the plays well and can listen well. Leave a msg here and I’ll hook up with you! I play tank/heals best - but can always do well with sombra or echo at the least.

Edit: I’m on pc and I think silver 3 or 4. With random grouping. I am North America region…


Don’t add skullbuzz, this guy is weird and arrogant. He will ignore you once you have carried him enough. He’s nothing to brag about too. Good night !

Skillz is right he is such a chad in qp he carried me all the way to a loss which is hard to do not many players are so talented. And if you think that is impressive wait until you see his amazing hardstuck silver dps “skillz”.