LF 5 People for Baptiste's Achievements (EZ Solution)


Hi All

I am looking for 5 persons who’s want to do the achievement “Stand by Me” and “Window of Opportunity”.

The strategy require us to be 5 tanks (not D.Va) with Baptiste. Baptiste stay in spawn while the tanks take damage from the other team who will camp us at spawn. Since Baptiste is healing 5 persons at the same time, the ult will pop very fast. Baptiste will then heal and get 2500 healing very fast.

SquadG#1945 if you guys want to add me. I am on pretty much every night from 11PM EST to 3AM EST.



I added you. I’m on at night as well. Let me know because I agree the Baptiste Achievements are hard.


Not on PC, but just a little cheat way to get the stand by me achievement, get your team to group up with you on oasis and let a car hit everyone in the immortality field :wink: