Let's talk about reaper

He feels dumb like mcrightclick but in this post we’re just gonna talk about reaper.

So, he’s not broken but he’s in this weird situation where low ranks just can’t deal with him while in high ranks reaper is just not good enough. Also no matter how rank you are or how good your tracking is, low DPS heroes won’t do any dmg to reaper. I was playing sombra and i needed to land every single one of my shots into his head becouse otherwise he’ll just heal up all the dmg i’ve done. It felt like i wasn’t doing any dmg and i’m pretty sure is the same with sym with low charge, mei’s beam ETC. I feel he needs some changes to make him useful in team battles while not making him dumb in 1v1 battles. My suggestion will be decrease self heal from %50 to %40 while increasing wraith form duration or decreasing it’s CD. idk i want ideas here just don’t be salty on thing like i play low dmg heroes or stuff like that becouse… no… i guess


Buffs Checklist:

:white_check_mark: Shotgun Spread
:white_check_mark: Passive self-heal (3 times now)
:white_check_mark: Wraith Form
:white_check_mark: Flashdance Ult
:white_check_mark: Shadow Step prevented from reaching unintended locations
:x: Shadow Step.

Literally all aspects about Reaper have been buffed… except Shadowstep. I swear, getting a response from Blizzard about Shadowstep is like making them succumb to worshiping satan.

In the meantime I’ve vaulted my flashdance memes of Reaper because at this point I’m saving it for the day Shadowstep gets promoted out of the bug fix area of the patch notes.


Reaper will always be bad in higher tiers as long as he lacks range and mobility.

Reaper can go head to head with a tank and win the battle coming out unscathed at 100% health. I dont care how you put it, that is a problem. Reaper should be able to kill a tank in a 1v1, but not walk away with 250 HP still.


They have discussed shadowstep. It’s not going to become what most people want, you won’t be using it during combat.

I wanna see shadow step have the following two things.

The time to disappear (the startup animation) reduced to 0. (he still re-appears at the same speed).

Fixed targeting system. Right now it’s so hard to quickly and accurately teleport.

As Sombra its not your job to duel a Reaper 1v1. You poke him from distance and force him to retreat, or you hack him so when he engages, he has no escape or free reload.

People on the forums don’t know how useful SS can be, specially on maps like dorado. I personally use it anytime I can.

Shadow Step is useless, it’s nice to tele ahead or even get to a higher vantage point once in awhile but overall I don’t use the skill to much. However, I feel like Reaper would benefit from a replacement skill like melee related to a Scythe (Reaper?). I have to change my game play with him every game. As yes low tiers he can pretty much own for the most part, but in higher tiers i have to juke more and focus on my Wraith CD for closing.

well everyone’s saying why not i touch shadow step. i know it’ll be awesome to have some buffs/rework on it but i’m beeing realistic and i know reaper is not getting that any time soon