⛑ Lets recognize Support's importance!

When people played those “no support” or “solo support” comps before 222, the pace of the game was way more chaotic and fast. After the solo support death people had to retreat to search for healing packs because they could die very fast for the next target. Even in mystery heroes when you don’t have a support, but the enemy has, it feels harder to win teamfights.

I’m really glad they added some sort of role lock with 2 supports, it provides more structure to teamfights.

yes i agree.
i played lots of quickplay before roleqeue and the times you ran less tanks or supports than the other team it felt bad.
but even if both teams ran 1-4-1 supporting still felt bad because you’d die like really fast because the tank is too pre-occupied with surviving themselves and the dps couldn’t really protect you that well.

that second support was important.

however only 1 tank was interesting, atleast when the enemy team didn’t run more than 1 tank themselves it was pretty fun, because you had to focus on staying alive yourself a whole lot more and your team didn’t rely on you that much either so you were more free to play how you wanted or saw fit as long as you could contribute somehow to the team.

a barrier tank wasn’t necessarily better than an off-tank either in 1 tank vs 1 tank structure.