Let's not ignore the shadow buffs

Continuing the discussion from Overwatch 2 Retail Patch Notes - June 13, 2023:

We be sleeping on this extra stuff, y’all do realize echo got a buff right?

So when my reaper (or moira) is in fade mode I can now pump that target back to max hp with them taking NO DAMAGE IN BETWEEN?

I sleep on nothing.

I read and watch everything. I am not part of the sleeping community.

At least get a mattress or something.


The Lifweaver tree destroying Torb’s turret is a very silly interaction


Also genji has 30 ammo.

Did the fix Kiriko’s teleport? It’s been bugged since season 2 and has progressively gotten worse. It honestly seemed fine in season 1.

That was actually one of the things that wasn’t listed XD so I’d assume no sadge.

Thought this was about the Genji stealth buff too. 30 ammo. Lol


I THOUGHT HE WAS JOKING? Where is this at?

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Check in game. Genji has 30 ammo.