Less than three hours away

One of people who leaked today as event date alredy back out of it, and made new reddit post about it being next week… yea.

Here he say that because of experimental "he got it wrong

and here he is talking about next date


I’m not sure why everyone expects it today. They haven’t said anything other then PTR coming down (from what I have read) and even then isn’t it still a bit early for the event to “usually” start?

I’m more than happy to be wrong! We’re all a little stir crazy and ready for new stuff.

I’m hoping the PTR goes live too. I would love to finally use the Doomfist QoL change and bug fixes in comp

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I mean, Archives dropped super early, out of nowhere. This event will probably be early too.


Heh, when I originally suggested the idea, I was thinking they could use Quickplay for the testing, then push to Comp.

Having a separate mode is better though.

Patch 1.43 clarification

I think it’s way better to have a separate mode to try things. Gotta be honest, alot of your suggestions are pretty good and healthy for the game. You applied to Blizzard yet? You’d be a good balance dev lol

Wasn’t there more than one?

Same, I can’t lower mine either but I have the dreadful feeling it won’t happen.

Not sure, i saw people just talking about him and then repeat that in other articles and some videos i think.

And to be clear, im not saying he is right or was right. Tho i did not expected anniversary before 19 myself. I can be wrong also, who knows outside of devs anymore.

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I really think the event won’t be live today and you are all making a fuss about nothing.

Well, I live near San Francisco, and recently bought a condo. And to work at Blizzard I’d have to sell it and move to near Los Angeles. And I already got a high paying job that gives me a decent amount of free time.

Besides which, I have no job history when it comes to the game industry, just a lot of hobby experience.

And to be a gameplay designer, is kinda like walking up and asking to be a movie director, even if you’ve never actually worked in the industry before :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean, if for some reason, god forbid, you decided to give up on that, you do seem to have a knack for healthy game balance lol

an hour and a half

lets hope we’re lucky!


Uh oh… I didn’t think it was that close. I’m having a nervous reaction because I’m scared of being disappointed.

we should see something in 24 minutes. as in announcement

Wdym? We have never had that before.

Anniversary has been confirmed on Reddit for the 19th. FeelsBadMan :laughing:

I guess we will see in 1 hr in 20 minutes

ive lost hope tbh I think its the 19th

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