Leave game due to internet, rejoin, WIN, but still lose 50sr?

So I left the game due to my internet cutting out, I then rejoin the game however my sr went from 3545 to 3495 mid game. I was like ok this is weird lets see what happens if we win or lose. We then play really well win the game BUT I GET NO SR??? I literally just lost 50 sr for a win how? this game makes no sense.

My ar should be at 2560, i usally don’t care about these things but like soon i won’t be able to play and the amount of extra time now i have to play just to catch up and them all being wins is ridiculous.

Is there anyway of getting my sr back because this is stupid


No, they dont give sr back if you leave game, you were out of the game more than 2 minutes. Thats why there is SR loss.

Your team won despite you, not because of you.


ask your mom to buy you an ethernet cable, then stop complaining about having a ^&%%^&%&&%^(* connection…bangs head on desk idiots

If you disconnect/leave a Competitive match and fail to return within two minutes, you will be penalized and marked with the loss regardless of match result. Learn more about this policy here:

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That’s a great way to put it, I’m using this.

Even so, i think it would be better awarding less or just 0 SR loss/gain for the leaver since they did play for a while to get somewhere.

This would incentivize leaving

This only applies to when you win.

Meaning when you win you’d gain less.

i don’t see how that incentivizes leaving.

Because if you team wins after you are out of the match long enough to accrue the penalty, they won despite you, not because of you

Yes so it would technically count as they not needing you.

So you won’t gain any SR for playing the match.
For the same you could just keep on playing.

Because if you leave you have two options:

  • You still win but you wont get any SR and your team will get all the SR
  • You lose and you get the penalty

So it wouldn’t make it more common, because there is no upside to winning anymore and there is still the standard penalty when losing.

Make up for the mistakes you know.
Chances exist, and if your team is able to win without the leaver then so be it. No SR for the one who left.

That someone left for 2 minutes does not mean they haven’t had any impact for the other 20-30 minutes of the match. It isn’t always on purpose.
And leaving on purpose and rejoining will just cause in you gaining no SR or just losing the normal penallty amount.

Intent is irrelevant for your teammates

Even so it doesn’t increase the chance of leaving because there is no incentive for them to leave.

(They can avoid the penalty by returning before the end of the game)

After a certain period IIRC you can’t rejoin anymore.

Otherwise you’ll just add in another time like 3 or 4 minutes.

It isn’t that hard to change up an idea.

Pretty straightforward to join back after 2-3 minutes and throw the rest of the match.

No thanks. Id rather have comp backfill.

If you’d throw then you’ll end up losing most likely anyways.

If you don’t then you don’t get any SR, nor do you lose anything.

You could just leave 2 minutes, come back and throw. If you win then you’ll still get the SR. Getting the penalty despite reconnecting within 2 minutes or without disconnecting multiple times is a bug.

You recall incorrectly.

Well even so it doesn’t bring any upsides to leaving intentionally.

You mistakenly think the penalty is for causing your team to lose. It is not, nor is it a penalty at all. It is a deterrent. It is to discourage activities. One of those is to purposely leave. Another is to play competitive with known issues that would cause you to miss 2 minutes of a game. Without the deterrent, after your proposed, “man, my graphics card crashed and I couldn’t make it back in 2 minutes, but my team won so I didn’t lose SR!” system, too many people would just “go next.” Give them a timeout period and SR drop and they’re much more likely to spend that time posting in tech support, trying to fix their issue before queuing comp again.

On top of that, it’s less deterrent to the “I’m leaving so my toxic team loses” plays. With your system, they’re fighting for YOUR SR too, so you’re screwing them even harder (at least mentally). I’d be laughing, still chatting with the game if they did that and I was that type: “come on, you guys got this 5v6! Win me that SR, losers!”