"Last minute check" on twitter means reveal today right? Don't tease us!

It is probably just a easter egg to make fun of us and make Stylosa do a video about it


Yeah there are TONS of cat related references in the newest picture. The dimensions of the item itself is pretty small. Definitely not going to be a Doomfist type of character thats for sure. The shield itself is about a meter (3 feet or so) high…

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Heavy British Accent Hello GUYS this is Stylosa and OMG this is CRAZY OMG OMG! Repeat ITs Crazy and OMG for 10 mins to get Youtube AD Revenue


Perhaps Bridgette is a crazy cat woman.


Dont think so, they would have kept the “every 2 days” schedule they had so far if that were so. Moving it to 2 days in a row seems like a more imminent thing, today or tomorrow… Also “last minute check”, that heavily implies she is comming into action extremely soon, getting ready to fight.


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Bridgette attacks with her pet cats, augmented with Jetpacks, confirmed.


As a crazy redheaded cat woman myself, I am definitely maining her.


I personally cant wait to see a crazy Overwatch Hero… like something crazy/wacky that just works with the lore of the game. Im diggin the idea of having a cat on a rocket suit with a mace and shield.


Unfortunately I don’t think it will happen tho…

I think they will be revealed today and then go onto the PTR on Thursday.


I hope you are right. i cant wait!!!

Usually non-Blizzcon charecters are reveled and become playable on ptr on the same day

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:scream_cat: Ohhhh god I can’t stand the suspense :boom: anymore. I need a relief soon! :cat2: :mouse2:


Well they could still do that, doesn’t mean they have to wait till Thursday just because that’s their usual schedule.

All will be revealed…



I think that : “Last minute check! Everyone squared away?” means that the release might be tomorrow or Thursday or maybe Friday who know :smile:

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I posted this in another thread.

Looking at the flail design from yesterday, the weapon is between 17 and 20 inches long. It’s a perfect one hand weapon for a 5’8" to 6’ tall woman that’s also holding a shield. Going by the size of the shield from the measurements in the picture (104 CM), that’s about a 40" tall shield, also perfect sized for a 5’8" to 6’ tall woman. Both the shield and flail are too large for a cat.


Um… no. 104 CM is 40 ish inches. I got the size of the flail by adding 40% of the handle size to the flail to get the total height. I’m close to the correct dimensions.

104 cm is 1 meter which is 3 feet. I am 5’8 and 3 feet is about up to my waist. You might be right but thats pretty small…