Anyone else getting lag problems after the most recent patch? I’ll get 50 ms for 2-3 games and then suddenly it’ll jump up to 300-500 ms. I’m not downloading anything in the background and I’ve reset my router but it’s still occurring and I’m not sure if I’m the only one.

Haven’t seen any issues myself and haven’t seen any current widespread reports of this specific issue. That you can play several matches without issue before it starts happening may point to a system or client issue over a connection issue though there could be a network issue involved with this as well. Without any system or connection data though it can be tough to say.

I recommend following the steps in this post to gather some information to help the community work with you to figure it out:

Dxdiag and if possible 2 WinMTRs done, the first when you are playing a normal match and the second when playing a match that has the issue. (Be sure to use the correct IP found in the netgraph at match start for the WinMTR test as there are different servers you may be placed on)

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