Lag Spikes issues

Since early April I noticed that my latency is getting higher like every 5-7 seconds in game, from around 35 to 90-100 in worst cases.

I tried many things like cleaning out my HDD and SSD of several apps or games, playing with and without firewall, updating both my network and GC drivers, but the issue is still here

So I ran a WinMTR like recommended

I also did a tracert

(this part is in French but it basically means that theres too much delay and the “connexion window” is over)

and a pathping

So, can you please check it to see what is doing wrong ?
I really have no clue about why all of this is happening, that’s why I ask help here, and hopefully we can figured out whats going on !

If you need more informations, let me know :wink:

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Looks like there is an issue with between the computer and the modem, since the ping is sometimes 115ms (should not be over 5ms). If this is WiFi there may be an interference issue.

Ok I think I found a fix
I did cleaning another time both my HDD and SSD from several games and apps and retry playing Overwatch and I apparently finally get rid of this lag spikes

Here’s a WinMTR after another cleaning
I didn’t know that somes app or something could generate interferences !

Thanks for helping me pointing out the problem !
Have a nice day !

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I’ve been having lag spikes all day today, which was not happening before. Getting over 100+ reported in the latency display quite consistently.

Which article or post did you read that asked you to do a WinMTR, tracert etc?

Always check the pins :slight_smile:

Please make your own thread if you want to post test results.

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