KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) country flag icon

Complementing what the others are saying, I think there was even a flag or two that had to be removed later because of those legal issues. Malta, I think?


our Saudi flag can be found in many games and we just want to see it and use it in OverWatch too :heart_eyes:

if there are any legal issues we want to hear it formally from Blizzard and we will endorse that issue directly to my country Government.

HES 18???

dang he sounds a lot older from the clips I’ve seen

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Are you the governor of Saudi Arabia or something?

Thank god our king and price doors are open for whoever wants to contact.
a former GM has his ways also :innocent:

maybe ask them to allow arabic language in the text chat before adding the player icon?
when you type anything in arabic weird looking rectangles appear.

seriously arabic english is not so…practical.

Overwatch is different because countries do not want to affiliate with any organizations, countries or even sexual orientations. One small little thing like Tracer being a LesBean will reject approval


Bruh, if the flag isnt available, it wont be. The approval to use it was denied.


Is it offensive trolling to play Gay76 with a muslim flag? :thinking:

I’d take a Saudi hero instead, make him a bedouin DPS hero lmao

or a healer with pink hair, stronk personality

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It is a legal issue.

I mean, if you actually have ties with the government perhaps ask why they rejected it the first time :slight_smile:

that itself needs an explanation and reasoning. who can or who wants to dictated countries and governments and people?

He means they want to represent everyone, but cannot due to legal reasons. They’re not going to publicly share their legal filings with the public, so if you want to know, you’d have to petition your government to know why.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe it is an issue of them not wanting to include it, but rather the Saudi flag is actually not available for them to use due to external rules.

Our flag and many others too can be found in countless games.
and all we just want is to have the chance as we have the right to use our own players of the Game flags on our own player icon -_-, as long there are countries’ flags exist in the game.

A simple thing and a simple right that I wish everyone can have, But I only can speak for myself and on behalf of tens of thousands of Saudi’s if not hundreds of thousands considering pc & PlayStation Gamers. We are not a few and we are asking for something cant be nothing but Good and desirable and honorably to each and every one of us and I believe to also most of those who deprived of this simple task and wish just like us.

there shouldn’t be any legal issue’s on this topic at all, at All.

unless whoever is behind this is asking for something unneededor wrong or by a wrong approach.
It does not deviate from one of these two things imo.

Therefore I would like to know what is the real problem behind this to help and solve it if there are any Real substantial Problems.

illogical to me that I cant pick nor see our flag in a game when there are others flag exists and our country Involved or participate or even Leading with many countries around the world On all levels, From energy to major sports events to Economy up to war and peace stabilizing the region and beyond.

and just lately The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is honoured to host the G20 Leaders’ Summit this November 2020.


the quest is just give us the player icon flag choice …nothing more

thanks and cheers for all the replies.

Complain to your government for not allowing blizzard to use the flag, not the other way around broseph.

bro :slight_smile:

Tbh I don’t understand your complains about my complain to my beloved game company through a request and through the community forums to have support to it I don’t see what is wrong there.

Imo at the bottom of it, it’s just a (policy) or an idea that needs to be changed or developed no matter what are the obstacles this issue faces.

but of course, feel free to freely speak your idea’s just like what I am doing here.
and that is my answer to Similar replays also.

cheers mate and thanks for the replay

The issue is that Saudi Arabia refused to give permission to use the flag as I understand?

As someone mentioned above, could be related to the fact game has Gay and Lesbian characters, which is not very appropriate in your country I imagine. What do you think about gays by the way? And Soldier76?

Blizzard already stated that they would like to include all flags they can in their games. If the flag isn’t there, it is because of reasons out of Blizzard’s control (political protocols usually).

Although, I definitely remember seeing the Saudi flag in Call of Duty games. I don’t know what’s up with that, seeing that CoD is partnered with Battle.net anyway.

Yes, the Saudi flag has an exception with lowering protocols. Usually, if a kingdom’s king has passed away, the flag is lowered for 40 days in mourning. But seeing that the Saudi flag has the word “Allah” in there, it may not be lowered for the death of a mortal, out of Islamic faith.

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would be a dream come true, ofc you can type in Arabic but only through: battlenet > social and not in the games.

In a similar topic,
I am sure it’s harder than it sounds but some wishes list:
* OW chatbox like wow chatbox or addons to it plus the LFG queue where I can whisper and check players profile.
* OW guilds, Will be a funny toxic drama love & hate package.
* increase Monitoring ME servers as other servers for better game quality by hiring more monitors speaking languages.
* 1k friendliest at least.
* increase avoid to 7 in plat&gold 5 in Dim 3 the rest.
maybe we see some of it in ow2 :slight_smile: