Kiriko Twitch-Drop skin still missing + other skins

Missing the Noire skin aswell after correct account merge

Exactly same issue. Not answering support is most unprofessional thing ever.

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Yeah same for i, only the voice line actually went to my inventory. No way to claim the kiriko skin again. Unfortunately if u try to unlink and relink a new twitch account, it takes 7 days and thats when event is over.

I’m in the same boat, I watched the required 6 hours and got the voice line but its been 7 days and I still haven’t received my Kiriko skin. At this point I’m getting extremely frustrated and support hasn’t been very helpful.

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Same for me too :frowning: WTH… I went to submit a bug report but it says on a suggested solution that they can not give you a twitch drop skin. So guess we’re all out of luck.

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My bet is everyone that submitted a ticket got an automated response after too much time passing without an actual support team member looking at it. This is what it looks like for me, I’m very curious if its word for word the same message you all got in your ticket. I wish we at least knew if we were going to get the skin at some point of if we’re the unlucky winners of an unfixable bug.


Thank you so much for contacting us with the details of your issue. Your information been passed on to the Overwatch team. While Customer Support is unable to directly assist with these matters, please know the Overwatch Team has continued working on solving reported problems.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a timeframe for issues being resolved but progress is being made daily. The best place to get updates and news on these issues is here:

You may also be interested in this news post which details the ongoing work and covers compensation for issues seen since launch:

Thank you again for contacting us, and thank you for your patience and understanding.

If you guys look in the skins section where you are trying to view the Sukajan skin, in the lower right corner, it’s says that it won’t be fully unlocked until season 2. You will still get the skin, you just have 50 days to wait for it. May try reading once in a while

That just means that in Season 2 you’ll be able to buy it for “Overpriced” Coins.

So that’s why 1000 of people already have the skin via twitch drop? It says it will be available through twitch drops OR in season 2… MaY TrY ReAdInG OnCe In A WhILe

Still have not received either of the first twitch drops. Why is it the first time I’ve experienced any trouble with twitch drops it’s from the largest company to run them?

Edit: accidentally deleted, and spelling.

Claimed both the voice line and the skin the day the drops were added but I only received the voice line and not the skin. Now that the second drops have started I have claimed and received BOTH the spray and the weapon charm and I didn’t change anything in my connections.


Same problem here. Got all the drops (voiceline, tags and weapon charm with the new ones) so I know that the problem doesnt come from a connection issue. Still no skin unlocked when I claimed it. Tried to disconnect and reconnect, everything. Still nothing but the other drops. It’s been 8 days now and I’m thinking that I will never have it…

On the other hand, a friend of mine got it just fine. But, since he’s not an OW1 owner, he can’t use it since kiriko is still locked for him. This is just a joke. First time I got issue with a twitchdrop. Normally I wouldn’t mind but since the skin are 20€ well…

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I have the same issue honestly. Missed the first drops for Kiriko, but claimed the spray and can’t redeem the donut charm, even though everything is connected and fine. Blizzard Support said it could take up to an hour, but it has now been a day and a half with still no charm, or no time on when I could see one in my inventory.

Im having the same issue it has been 7 days since I claimed the drops on twitch and I haven´t got the skin yet.

Got that same response

Worst part is that i claimed the first voice line got it. claimed skin didnt get it. claimed the spray just now and i get it. so its specifically that item that is not working on my account and my connection set up itself is fine

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Samer problem, see my post here

My man is hopping post to post for other people to look at there post.

I still haven’t received my skin either and I did get the voice line, spray and charm but no skin :c

Just checked and FINALLY got the skin after waiting over a week! :face_exhaling: