Kicked for being inactive while not being inactive?

Hello! I dont know if this is the right place for this, but I just played a ranked placement match in Overwatch as Mercy. About 2 minutes into the game I got kicked for being inactive, while being a fully participating teammate. I saved the recording of it. Don’t know if anything actually has to be done about it, but it was weird and if I understand correctly it will leave some sort of trace that I was (wrongfully) kicked from a ranked match?

same here i got the countdown and disconected

Also, Remember to actively work your way out of spawn as quickly as possible until the adjustments are made to the new AFK rules.

Oooh watched a clip about the new rules. Was it because I did not die nor did any damage that I got kicked? As Mercy? Do I have to become a dps Mercy or actively die from time to time now?