Keep getting disconnected


For the past 2 weeks I keep having been disconnected to your severs. Usually it is once a month but so I don’t really care, however since this season has started I have been kicked out of game (not error or internet connection) and unable to return unless I restart the game complete so much that I have been suspended at least 5 times from competitive and have been given a warning for “Leaving early too Many Times”

I have not been leaving and am more frustrated than the teams I have been coming back to I have not done anything different than what I normally have been doing for the past 2 years since I have gotten this game. Instead I’m stuck losing 400+ SR for a problem that I haven’t even committed. Explain to me how this is fair by any standards when I just was to play the game as rightfully intended.

Why can’t Blizzard remove penalties for technical issues?

The effect on your fellow players is the same no matter why you disconnect. As a result, if you play a match while having technical issues, and you drop from the match, your account may be penalized. Blue Posters and our Customer Support team have no way to remove the penalties. This is because the system is working the way it was designed. Instead, we focus on troubleshooting the thing that originally caused the problem. If we fix that, you shouldn’t have problems anymore.

It may suck to get penalized but that should also be the incentive to try to troubleshoot your issue. The best way to determine if is a connection issue is by running a test. You don’t get disconnected for no reason and at random. The disconnects tells one that there is something went wrong on your connection to the server which doesn’t really show itself by just checking one’s internet icon or router or whatnot.

So what can you do? Well you can run a WinMTR test for about 10 minutes, preferably catching a disconnect. You can run the test outside of competitive if need be so you don’t incur any further penalties. Hopefully the WinMTR will show where and why are you disconnecting. Make sure to paste the results of the test in this thread and customer support or MVP could help you figure out why you are being disconnected in order to avoid having it happen in the future.

you think I haven’t tried that? Nothing popped up thats why I am angry about this. As far as I can tell there is nothing really wrong

Ill do it again, but at this point? I just might leave the game completely because the system they have is getting ridiculous

The best way to tell if there is something wrong or not is by running a tool such as WinMTR. A disconnect can be completely sudden and the ping counter in Overwatch may not even show something was wrong whereas a prolonged test with WinMTR can at least tell one if there was too much data loss anywhere on your connection between your PC or router all the way to the server from Overwatch you happen to play on.

When it happened last week for the 4th or 5th time I did it for like 20 minutes and nothing happened.

Run it until you DC, it isn’t going to hurt your connection in the background. You can also look at the in game net graph, which you can access by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N, which can show spikes and packet loss visually.