Just revert Mercy


She doesn’t need ANOTHER nerf. She needs to be reverted back to Mass Rez being her ultimate. Ressurect as a normal ability is what makes Mercy better then other Support heroes.
She wasn’t a must pick when Rez was her ult. And nerfing her healing isn’t gonna make Mercy drop in pickrate. Her healing was at 60hps before her rework and she wasn’t a must pick.
Just revert Mercy back to Mass Rez except you need a loS of atleast 1 ally soul in order to Rez your team. And then you have a balanced Mercy. Because at this rate Mercy Is just gonna her weaker and weaker



Hey folks,

Thanks for the feedback, however we’re going to go ahead and lock this up now. If you have any feedback regarding Mercy (or any of the other changes), we recommend submitting the feedback in this thread.