Just realized that the new engine/looks of ow2 is gonna result a minor and funny issue

I think UI and new skins will be available to ow1 players. Just not story mode and characters pve customization(skills, perks, lvl)


ui yes and all skins apart from the updated base models. those skins will be locked to those that have bought OW2. all other skins will be obtainable for OW1 player.

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I dont think, that’s been confirmed by the devs that the new looks will be only for ow2 owners.

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Really? Where you saw that? Because when they announced they said they will use the same client and the pvp side will be the same to all players(even the new modes). If they put skin specific for pve, sure but if it’s on pvp they will have the same. Sure can be some “comemorative” like pre-order, anniversary or legendary edition, but new skins will be for everyone, at least it’s what they appear to say.

I think they only said all of your current skins will carry over. New looks will only be for ow2 owners. Ow1 owners can see those that wears the ow2 looks but they wont be able to equip them for themselves until they get ow2.

The source is a gameinformer interview with jeff on ow2.

As well as any other event skin in OW2. I am certain OW2 will have exclusive events.

It was announced with the launch all the heroes are getting an updated version of their base skin. You can only use these skins if you purches OW2 all other skins will be free like always.

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Will you be able to use old base skins and new ones?

I saw that, about upgraded versions, when francy said about gameinformer talk with jeff. But he also said that they would love to have the same account across both games. Could be temporary thing like some reports about customizable skins. At launch, at least pre-covid it was, but doesn’t mean that couldn’t be a temporary thing.

Sometimes he specifies that will be the same client and sometimes he specifies like 2 clients. So a lot could change. Nothing was said about Future skins. Those new base could represent exclusive from that version. I didn’t discarded that, just considered they would overide the old ones. When you said new looks means base skins or new skins afterwards? The base skins it’s a smart move they done before, like origins and legendary edition.

Yeah, I have a feeling that most people will use their old legendary skins instead of the new designs

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From quick fact list, says “default skins”.

Says nothing about future content, not being able to access by ow1 players. Appears that their default skins will be exclusive, like origins/legendary edition on ow1.

The old models may use some of the newer shaders.
As for the poly count, the new models just take advantage of having more curvy design but in detail level they look kinda similar. Not to mention it is still the same engine.

They can also update the old models if higher poly version of those already exit from when the models were created.

If you buy OW2 you will unlock the new updated base skins you will still have the old original version to use if you want yes.

We will get the engine upgrades (just not the skins)

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Good because I want both

This is not correct, ALL players of the Overwatch game system will receive the updated graphics overhaul.

I hope so.

I get that they put a lot of effort into the new hero designs, but they changed Mercy’s so much (especially the hair) that she looks like a completely different character. One that happens to strongly resemble Mercy, but a different character nonetheless.

I only play Mercy these days because of a lingering emotional attachment to her pre-valkyrie iteration. If there’s no “classic Mercy” skin in overwatch 2, I’ll have no reason to play a character that never gets a turn to be a hero.


I think if I remember right, the classic and above skins from this game will be updated as well.

Hello fellow Boomer Mercy main

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I know but by “the new looks” i’m refering to the new character looks. (Since blizzard themselves as well as the mainsites refer them simply as ‘new looks’" If i meant the new graphics engine i wouldve precised that. (But i guess i should precise i meant character looks atop)

But from the looks of it, since a lot of players will probably still have the old models or older skins, its gonna be funny seeing those side by side with the newer models with new rendering techniques and such side by side in a same match.

The new heroes will be treated just like skins are today and you will still have quality settings in your client. If you are running at minimum settings, you will get low poly versions of both new and old skins. If you run high settings you’ll see the good versions of both. You simply won’t be able to select the new skins that come with OW2.