Just increase Mercy and Kiriko's Ages by 10 Years

This is my new headcanon. This is why Sigma’s head is so in the clouds. “Spherical cow” was actually an internet meme from when he was a kid. He doesn’t realize the world has moved on…

At least your generation, and the one before me have nick names. Those of us that were born in the mid 80’s to 90’s don’t even have a place, but in-between the generation x and Gen z. LMAO. :rofl:

I think Spherical Cow is meant to be an actual Sciencey Term? Could’ve sworn I heard it as a Joke or something. But no, the Blackhole made him Schizophrenic+.

As for Reinhardt, yeah he’s a Zoomer, listens to Old Music from his Generation and wants to Smash things with a Hammer.

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Perhaps that makes you Generation Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


lmao, ok that was good :rofl:

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Kiriko’s feedback (https://www.dexerto.com/overwatch/overwatch-2-players-argue-that-kirikos-age-makes-no-sense-2284264/) is unlikely to be ignored. and let it be clear that OW1 was not exempt from these distractions. I remember well that they changed Brigitte’s age which didn’t correspond decently with the description of the “white dome” mission. Or even mccree / cassidy in 2016, when they changed his age because he would have been too young as a new Overwatch agent.

on mercy … stop it :no_good_man:, she doesn’t have any kind of inconsistency and is explained here. instead, focus on more relevant feedback for Sojourn’s age with her book. :point_left:

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If they are all made of some kind of robot part, wouldn’t that make them all immortal, and stay the age they were when they were transformed? Just a thought.

The irrepairable damage Ana’s origin story has done to the community’s perception of the lore is insane,and it’s all Blizzard’s fault.
Mercy is not an Overwatch member in that photo,she’s there because she’s family friends with Torbjorn,however,during that time the Overwatch team was really inconsistent as portraying the character as their correct age.
For example in the same video Ana gets shot by Widow and she has full black hair,then she’s a grandma with grey hair in the hospital recovering.
Another major mistake is Cassidy’s presence,he’s the same age as Mercy so he is also a minor,and a Blackwatch member,he should’t be there.This was later corrected in the Deadlock Rebels novel.

The art from Ana’s origin story needs to be retconned already.And not even just that,there’s a lot of art from 2016 that’s wildly inaccurate.
Mistakes like this are still made to this day,Sojourn’s age on the website implies her sister had a child at like 14 years old.


The dev in charge of that said the ages are that way because of “reasons” and couldn’t reveal the plot twist yet. What he actually meant to say is he’s gonna go back to the drawing board and find some BS to justify the mistake he made lol.


Yeah, well they could still SAY that, couldn’t they?

Plus being Old Art isn’t an Excuse, as seen by the Tomfoolery Involving Sojourn and Kiriko’s Ages.

Even in Junker Queen’s Cinematic, which is Entirely a Flashback, Junkrat and Roadhog make Cameos, looking exactly the same and Junkrat is supposed to be like 15 then? He even sounds the Same.

more like 16 to me…

That’s still a 10 Year Difference. The Website says Genji is 15 Years older.

They should have made an older sister. :upside_down_face:

She could be tall with long black hair, also trained in the family arts, she fights with spear like a yari or something and has her own spirit thing due to the bloodline (turns out its not a dragon so she can’t lead). She wants to take over as the head of the family. Wearing some traditional outfit mixed with modern mob-boss type thing, very sleek, maybe concerned with fashion or a bit vain and less about honor like her brothers. She was upset that she wouldn’t get the heir to the clan and had the brothers pitted against each other through manipulation. But it turns out someone else was also influencing her behind the scenes, they don’t intend to let her lead for long.

There’s my fanfic lol

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I know… And I never said it is logical in there. I just responded toyou saying that Kiriko and Genji should be the same age. which is just not true based on the few pieces that we have and make sense.

No idea why they keep doing this. At this point, it feels like it’s to appeal to the “Waifu” crowd.


Mercy is fine. Her nanotech makes her age slower this has already been stated.

Kiriko yes. But its funny overwatch players will call out blizzard for not remembering their own lore, while also not remembering the lore

not this again, the age gape between pharah and mercy has always been 5 years, deal with it, is not a retcon, and mercy is not using her tech to look like a 30 years old when she have 70

at this point it should just be an ongoing joke where they change kirikos age every few months and dont explain why

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Lore was already questionable when Michael Chu kept retconning things. Read some more of this thread and the appealing to Zoomers thing is kinda funny to me. Old man Soldier 76 is a Zoomer lol

Did no one in here point out that Mercy has a fountain of youth thing going on?
I don’t know if it was the wings or what. But they had a science infused reason that Mercy is about as old as Torb or Hanzo and not aged like them.
My brain keeps telling me it’s built into her valkyrie (wings)
But I feel like that was the old answer.