Just got an E-mail to try Ashe, but


It’s really too bad I’m not playing until Doomfist gets nerfed; he alone makes Brigitte/Junkrat/Hanzo seem like minor annoyances.

Does anyone have any idea when that PTR build will be up? I don’t keep track of these timings, but I know others do.

Edit: yay patchnotes 1 hour ago!


Every party needs a pooper that’s why they invited you.


This thread doesnt make a lot of sense since Ashe has no issues handling Doomfist lol


Roadhog got buffed and Ashe is in live. Thats enough nerf for Doomfist honestly.


“I’ve never complained about anything in my life!”


I know you’re trying to be funny, but your observation that I’m a pooper isn’t anything new. After all…aren’t we all?

Not what I asked. It doesn’t make sens to you because it doesn’t have anything to do with the narrative you’re arguing against in another thread…which has nothing to do with my thread.

While it’s a good thing he was buffed, I disagree. Doomfist still needs the nerfs.


I think Doomfist’s in a good spot right now. All you need to do is run Moira Brig and D.va Orisa if you are having trouble. Also Hog and Reaper got hard buffed so Doom will probably fall out of meta soon. Not to forget new Torb’s overdrive shreds him. Good luck and hope to see you in this game soon! :smile:


“I’m going to make general statements about someone, because they disagree with me!”


Seriously, doom is perfectly fine, and if you were paying any attention, they are looking to nerf him because people continue to complain about him. It’s not anyone else’s issue that you don’t want to play a new hero because one is just so oppressing to you


all you need to do is run 4 heroes counter 1. uhmm really makes you think.


You didn’t sense the immense sarcasm? I made a joke like you, but I guess… “Only I can make jokes.”


Right, the general forums philosophy on Blizzard balancing. “People complained about a hero that was PERFECTLY FINE.”

I disagree, and not what I came here to discuss. It’s not anyone else’s issue? Or not your issue? If you think no one else cares, then you’re being self-important.

Some care, others don’t; I came here to ask a very specific question. Either answer it or leave. Stop derailing my thread.


I’m sorry, I wooshed over the joke. I didn’t see it, and I’m not saying i’m the only one who could makes jokes. If that’s a joke, I wooshed again. In all seriousness, I still think he’s fine, but if he’s not that’s why he’s getting nerfed.

As for the actual question, I assume the next ptr build would be up in a week or two, considering how they are working stuff out with brig again.


just a troll looking for attention dont feed it let it starve to death then we wont have to deal with it anymore


Doomfist dabs on them.


Hate to break it to you, but Doomfist’s not going away even after his upcoming nerf which are not even that big, you need to get used to it.


With so many clowns around here it must be only logical.


To whom are you referring to? I see no responses being trolls, and you responded to my post, so I’ll assume you think my question is me ‘trolling.’

If you think my question is trolling, then I honestly don’t want to try convincing you otherwise.

Putting words in my mouth, I see…

Never said I wanted him to go away, but since you’re ‘asking,’ I do want him to be less blatantly broken in the hands of a good player. No, I do not see any other hero being as hard to deal with, even a pro Tracer.


Just saying though, if he’s frustrating you as he is now, minor nerfs aren’t going to make it better, especially since the nerfs more or less don’t effect people who are good at him.


From what I’ve heard, they are substantial enough; it is why I’m asking if anyone has a solid understanding of when the PTR might be up.


Isnt your thread about receiving an email to try out Ashe


So, you’re one of those people who only read the title of the thread…except you didn’t even do that much, since the title implies there’s more to it.


Pretty sad if one character can make you so hurt you don’t play, is that really a healthy attitude?