Just got 9 games worth of leaver penalty for matches I never got to even play

A friend was trying out Overwatch on my PC to see if he wanted to get it. He was playing games in quickplay and kept getting placed in matches but the character select screen never appeared, then he got booted for inactivity. Tried again, same thing. Now I have 9 games of only getting 25% XP because of it? To be fair, just before this my PC crashed in the middle of a match so that is one that is one that, while not my fault, at least isn’t Blizzard’s. I really don’t want to lose all that XP for something outside of my control. Especially during the summer event. I’m level 230 and never leave matches early by choice, so I didn’t even know what any of this was until I looked it up to see why I was getting these messages. Any recourse on this? Anyone I can talk to to get this removed?

Unfortunately, all leaver penalties are final and cannot be reversed/removed. More info here: