Just Chill and try OW2

OW2 is around the corner and I suggest everyone try it out. Save your speculations for later.

I would also like to ask people to be less petulant or elitist.

If you like OW2 great if you don’t that’s fine too. No need to create thread after thread trying to convince/ bash people who have their mind already set.


I mean beta was the “try it out”. But I agree with your point.

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its not speculations anyone wiht two brain cells can see the problem the same way they saw it during overwatch 1 beta and how it mronically has exited through out the life of the game.

the same issues persist with a ton more.,

also the bp player lock is a morality issue.

stop patronizing players and their opinions.

Doomers will hate, they can’t help it. It’s either a result of genetics, conditioning or a combination thereof. Never mind them, they will sullenly play the game in most cases, and like OQ dead-enders, never really stop, but will continue over time to get quieter and quieter.

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The same could be the same to you guys

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Try it, but don’t spend money on it.

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Tried it, loved it, can’t wait for it :wink:

I am not patronizing anyone or their opinions. If some don’t like OW2 then that is fine with me. I also dislike the hero in bp, but I personally need to test the game to see if I even like it.

I agree, people using critical thinking is ruining the mood. We should just use vegetable state thinking and spend money for bobby.

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Critical thinking is fine and I never said to spend money. I draw the line with insulting others for their opinions.

Or do whatever you want. Vote with your wallet, vote with your time. Who cares.

Well that is fine too.

I feel like its the opposite

one person is talking to blizzard and the game issues.

The other is telling people how to behave.

so no its not the same.

and also telling people to not play ow2 and not give then money

aka telling people how to behave

people say im not buying overwatch, im not giving them money atleast most of them.

OP would be fine if he says im happy with ow2 im going to gib blizzard cash.

but he tells others what to do which is patronizing.

he is telling others not to criticize the game.


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I won’t spend a dime on OW2. I just see a lot of theories being thrown around that could be better answered by testing out OW2. I never said I was happy with OW2 and have my own concerns.

I disagree with how discussion devolves into heated slinging of insults with generous use of hyperbole.

I don’t think its patronizing to ask people to be more civil and at least try the game out. If you hate it then that’s fine.

I like that name - might use it :slight_smile: