Just ban one tricks already


What mode are you even refering to? just comp or everything?


Ban people I don’t like!


As much as I hate one tricks your abusing the report system. As one tricki isn’t a bannable offense.


Blizzard has also explicitly stated numerous times that one-tricking is not reportable. Reports like the kind you are describing here are the reason why they removed the “poor teamwork” category to replace it with gameplay sabotage. They don’t want you reporting a hero just because they didn’t pick who you wanted them to.

That said, I agree that people should be more flexible in their hero choices, but that cuts both ways too. You can’t demand someone not play a specific hero out of the gate either. They should switch when they are being countered or if their choice really isn’t working out.

So, while I understand your frustration and have some sympathy for your point (especially since I really hate Symmetra), you can’t just report people for picking her. That is a false report and you should actually be punished for that. Just use the avoid player function and move on if it rubs you the wrong way.


Already done.



Because some characters don’t rely on their teams (very much), compared to others. Because they/we have a right to play who we want as we paid for the game.

Because sometimes you don’t need to

Because hard-counters are limited to only a few members of the cast, and with enough knowledge (skill) and awareness (also skill), you can avoid them or make them much more manageable.

That’s off-meta that you have a problem with, not my problem, not anyone else’s problem unless they share the same experiences. You don’t hate Tracer one-tricks as she CAN’T be hard-countered. You don’t hate D.Va one-tricks because it’s extremely hard to hard-counter them. You don’t hate HEALER one-tricks because you ALWAYS need at least one.

There’s this thing called muscle memory, I have three accounts. If I spend a few hours on my main account where I play every Tank, then my muscle memory for Roadhog becomes, rusty. Less reliable. Also, if you are at a rank where you meet significant opposition (every rank where an enemy is capable of at least SOME awareness and game-sense), and you swap off your one-trick hero, you will be less effective, or entirely useless.

One-Tricking is said (by some) to be unhealthy or bad for the game.
Do you know what the problem is?
The game rewards it, via the SR system.

Blizzard has openly stated that this is a bad/unhealthy mindset and that they will not change on an official statement on One-Tricking (likely due to the fact that people are already invested in it).

I know where this is going…

Well %@^!. I knew that was coming. Unfortunately for readers, I’ve been quoting each separate part of your statement and now I’m going to include MORE quotes.

The Meat of my Response

  1. Source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/overwatch/overwatch-uprising-2018-next-event-one-trick-jeff-kaplan

it’s not a bannable offence - for just playing one hero, as long as you’re trying your best to win with that hero.

I mean, sometimes you’re gonna be countered, but we can’t leave it at other players’ discretion to decide what you should be doing.

  1. Next Source: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20760716149#post-10

We believe players can choose to play any available hero during any game at any time, and that their choice of hero alone is not a behavior that should be penalized by our customer service team under any of the player report categories (including griefing, inactivity, or poor teamwork).

Players who inaccurately submit player reports in an attempt to punish someone’s hero choice are considered to be harassing or griefing their fellow player.

Your teammates can respectfully provide their opinion and suggest using a different hero for the gameplay situation that your team is experiencing, but the final decision about which hero you want to play with is yours alone.

I think that gets the point across here. My sources are provided so you can verify that it’s what they said.

So, why do people One-Trick (whether it be Meta or Off-Meta)?

  • Because up until you reach Diamond, the SR system rewards it. That’s the biggest “problem.”
  • Because it’s fun for that player, “Meta” does not determine how fun something is. Some people hated Tank-Heavy comps, I loved it. Some people love Dive, I hate it.
  • You have the freedom to play what you want, as specifically stated by the Developers and other Blizzard employees.
  • You are guaranteed to improve. This is not the same for flex-players unless they have a similar skill-set. I.E. Tracer one-tricks can play McCree or Soldier, sometimes Widowmaker, and vice-versa. This is highly prevalent in the Overwatch League, notice how the DPS only play those heroes (most of the time)? Because it’s the same muscle-memory, or at least, very similar.
  • A lot of people just like Symmetra I guess, or they’re excited for the rework. OR It’s because very few people actually play Symmetra, so they gain way more SR for doing well on her (same situation with Zarya).
  • You can’t really be countered easily on some heroes, it all comes down to personal choice and how you play. A Tracer that constantly gets WAY too close (her effective range is 12 meters away, I’ve tested this for hours on end, much of it in Practice Range and Custom-Servers, it’s fact) will die a lot to Brigitte/Winston. A Roadhog One-Trick (like me, yay!) can kill or outlast all of his counters if he has good enough aim, positioning, and cooldown-management.
  • Some people are sadistic, that’s literally a factor in this. I’m not very shocked.
  • They probably just really are only interested in that one hero, and only have fun on them.

At the end of the day, it’s a game, and people will do what they want to have fun.
“Play Quick-Play or Arcade” It’s not as structured as Competitive. Personally, I -only- enjoy Competitive, and haven’t had a single person (on my team) complain about me being a One-Trick Hog. In fact, usually it’s the opposite reaction.

P.S. You can report people who throw or troll, but you cannot be considered as throwing or trolling if you ARE trying, and you’re one-tricking. If you’re trying, even if you have 2 eliminations and 20 deaths and 30 seconds objective time, you are not considered “throwing”.

This is EXACTLY why they reworked the report abilities to be specific. Game-play Sabotage = Throwing.

Overall Source: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/overwatch/t/one-tricking-wiki-info-quotes-faq-more/26293


We all have different ways of playing the game. And since this game is very popular with casual fans. It’s bound to happen.


If you expect to be reported for playing bad, that’s already evidence in itself that the concept is flawed.


WHAT HE SAID!!! Thanks for taking the time to show him the error of his ways. Wait till he figures out he can only add 2 people to “avoid as team player” and they fall off at the end of the week, and everytime you add 1 you have to wait a week for that one to fall off before you can put another person on it.


Its called a “team game” because its a group (team) of heroes vs another group (team) of heros.

That is all.

Team doesn’t mean "I dictated what heros you should play "


Hmm so if I was a Torb main and we were wreaking you would be okay with it? Your logic constitutes everything is permitted as long as the one-trick is helping. It is pretty biased to assume they are feeding if they don’t die and try to help, also reporting based on performance isn’t a thing. You can report trolls and feeders, however, your final statement is a non punishable offense. I can be trying to help as Mercy and fly to you and heal you but accidently fly in front of your shield and die. Will you report me for that because in your eyes I didn’t help you or the team in a time of need? Mistakes happen man.

What constitutes a one-trick though? Does that mean I should yell at the Tracer who is doing well and killing their entire team then dies once? Is she a one-trick for playing only one character for the match?

Many people have a hero which they prefer over others. They play other heroes, but are they still not in essence a one-trick? 18 hours as Genji 10 minutes as Reaper and 2 minutes as Mercy, is that still considered a one-trick? I actually encountered someone who had 21 hours as Torb, 20 minutes as Tracer, and 14 minutes as Mercy. With a 78% win rate as Torb, would I mind if he is a one-trick as long as he is helping us win? No, if he had tried to fill our last healer position I would have asked him to switch to Torb.


Reporting them is banable so I won’t do it but if you’re going to report them and give them false bans anyway, I’m not going to stop you.


I’m going to say this one last time. If a one-trick is contributing to the team, that’s fine.

But if a one-trick is providing no beneficial progression to the team and is harming it more than helping it, it should be reportable.


Oh look, it’s this post again


Cause you can’t ban half the top 500 for 1tricking tracer…


Yet the ex-employee stated “I’m no longer a blizzard employee so I can finally say this. One tricks should be banned”. Sounds like his opinion to me and Blizzard didn’t care for it.


How do you know who’s actually trying or not? It seems to me like that is seriously being abused right now. You can literally feed the enemy team, but so long as you say “I’m trying my best” you can avoid a report. It’s an extremely flawed system. If someone can’t take the time of day to learn 3-4 other heroes before entering comp they deserve a report, period.


No they don’t ask long as Blizzard says it’s ok. If you’re reporting people because they don’t play the game like you want them to, you should be the one who gets banned. However, you’re right about the system. It is absolutely garbage and all these dumb arguments result out of Blizzard not making comp more restrictive. As long as they want people to be creative no one should complain about broken team comps. Creativity includes chaos and those who don’t like it should probably leave or que up in a 6 stack.


every time i join a competitive game, i insta lock genji or lucio. problem? Ill leave voice chat and if we lose its not my fault, its your fault for harassing me and my picks and ill report you for poor teamwork for not coordinating around my one trick. IM not even joking about this, this is something i do


nice joke lmao this isnt april fools day