Just a little note about Mercy

That means rez on E is staying?

Well shoot.

I didnt know that ana was able to split herself into three.


Mercy was pretty unique with her almost exclusive pacifist playstyle. Any other hero needs to do damage to contribute to the fight. There just isnt a good replacement for Mercy in that regard and if the devs want to stick with this failure instead of listening to the feedback they asked for people will keep being mad.


The current version of Mercy is deeply flawed.

I hope for the sake of the game that they are still looking into how to fix her.


Nah, you do not get problems fixed by not addressing them. There is literally no reason to accept Mercy in the state that she is.


I love ideas like that! An Ult that better corrolates to other Supports’ themes of amplifying their main playstyle and skillset / gamesense, such as Soundbarrier, Nano, and Coalescence.

And people talking about how Mercy’s lost her charm due to the community? Nonsense! Sure, people can debate on the forums all day long, but to think that that sort of thing can kill the character? Rubbish! If you think the rework started Mercy hate, then it’s likely you paid no attention to Mercy’s drama situation before it happened. :stuck_out_tongue: “Play a real hero”, “Boosted trash”, “Braindead Mercy main”. It was rough, I used to play her back then, and it was pretty saddening to go into games worrying about what people might say when I’m just tryna have fun in QP.

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yeah I hear you haha

What if Mercy didn’t increase damage done with her right click but reduced damage taken?

What if Resurrect had a smaller window then the whole of the respawn timer to used on a fallen ally?

What if her staff had effects that amplified the effects of her beams?

  • Mercy as a character that is a pacifist, explained with even the voice line “Must violence always be the solution?” I have begun to ask why is Mercy then amplifying the violence her team is able to do. Instead I think it would be better for her the PREVENT violence by making it less effective.

  • Since Mercy’s rework this is the only part of Resurrect that has not been changed to bring the power of the ability down. If it takes 10 seconds to respawn that is a major window for her and her team to make the space necessary or for the enemy team to misstep so that she can resurrect the fallen player. If you reduced the that window, without reducing actual respawn time, to say 5 seconds or even lower, it would force the Mercy to decide the priority of the resurrect in a shorter period, and would give a window for the team that got the kill to know that the kill is confirmed.

  • When I bring up special amplifications for Mercy’s staff I want to express first that in my mind the balancing aspect of these is that I think their cooldown should be set to its full duration every time the staff effect is used regardless of if it is ready to use or not. Meaning that if it is not off cooldown yet but you use say healing the Healing Amp’s cooldown starts over as though you just used it without applying any bonus, and it remains waiting to start its cooldown until you stop using that beam, this would give Mercy players reason to NOT Heal when I explain what I mean by Amplifications of the beams.

  • What I mean by Beam Amplifications is something along the lines of:

– Healing Beam: Heals for 150 HP/s for a very short time (say 1 second), then 100 for a slightly longer time (say 2 seconds) and then returns to its base of 50, with the amount reducing gradually after the first half of the first-time increment.

– Guardian Beam: Reduce damage received by the target by 100% for a very short time (say 1 second), then 65% for a slightly longer time (say 2 seconds), and then returns to its base of 35%, with the amount reducing gradually after the first half of the first-time increment.

–each would have a moderate to long cooldown, I was thinking like Ana’s Grenade or Moira’s orb (8-12 seconds), with the added bit from above that means you can’t use the beam before the cooldown is down or the cooldown restarts.

The hypocrisy towards Ana is pretty undeniable at this point.

When Mercy had high pickrates, it was the end of the world. When Ana has high pickrates, everything is fine.

Mercy and Moira need to be on the same level as the dominant main healer.

And personally, I’d rather see buffs and not nerfs if possible. Ana is fun, but not very balanced.

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I dont see any hypocrisy here, myself

Ana becomes a stronger or weaker pick in direct proportion to one’s aim

Very high elo players tend to have very good aim

Conversely, Moira and Mercy are generally better in the lower ranks, where players’ aim does not tend to be as good

Players tend to pick the characters that are most effective for them

I’ll stop when they fix her.


There has literally always been a dominant main healer at GM.

The problem is when theres an insanely dominant healer at pro play- that means that even teamwork cant save the dying heroes. Before mercy had an insane pickrate at pro play, and insane at GM. Now ana was a ok pickrate at pro play- and insane at GM. Ana is the best solo q healer above masters, but anything goes below that, but in pro play there are better options.
tl;dr: this isnt a problem because it means that coordinated teams can run something that isnt ana to success.

So explain to me how Ana has a better winrate than Mercy in all tiers of play except Silver and Bronze.

And even then, Mercy isn’t much better off.

For even average players at Gold and Plat, Ana destroys Mercy.

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What if there are more players who are happy to play against, but way less players who actually play as her?
Personally, the changes that came live today feel better, and motivates me more to play her. However, she is not fine as many claim. She still needs tweaks to be less of a sidekick and be an actual hero. Also, these changes don’t solve her biggest problems that we have since the day 2.0 came live.

It’s not. Definitely, not.

In terms of kit, definitely way less. Waaaay less.

At least this wasn’t changed :sweat_smile:

Bbbbut people will then whine because her ult is her kit but glorified !

They will never be happy my dear :slight_smile:

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That’s because they never properly addressed the problem with 2.0

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Which is… ?

Firstly, Her ultimate is on her E.

Secondly, release Valk was comically overpowered… but then when they started nerfing it, they targeted all the active power and none of the passive power.

Thirdly, Mercy is now the only hero who has channeled ability that also slows the hero on the base kit.

this summarizes the issues of 2.0 and some ways to fix it.

there’s also the mega threads but hey who even reads those.


I just wanted to make sure.

You don’t like valk, ok we got it. But it is what it is, and it seems obvious it will not change. It is not weak. You don’t think it is engaging enough ? Was res more engaging ? No, it was literally « press Q »

Are there other ults not that engaging ? Yes. Lucio for example is not engaging either…

After few game playing mercy in the 1.3 patch, she is quite powerful with a useful ult every 1.20 minutes. She basically has the same kit than before (+res on e) and another ult. What I don’t understand is people claiming she is not the same and not fun to play as when her basic kit has been nothing but improved.

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