Junkrat is turning OWL into a joke


Actually junkrat has more pickrate in GM than soldier 76 on this month


Also,this isn’t the case for junkrat ,and he has a MUCH ,MUCH higher pickrate than them.

And again ,he has been picked in OWL outside of 2cp maps ,too.


Ladies and gents, I present to you…our OWL players…can’t even handle a junkrat.


You’re obviously better than them ,why aren’t you at least on shanghai dragons ?

(quoting because it doesn’t look like it replied correctly.)


I don’t really care and I’ve lost interest Overwatch League now because it’s the same old boring Tracer,Genji, Winston, DVA, S76, and Zen being mostly played.


The least you could do is check on the high league matches if you want to make a statement like that.



Just gonna put this here, seems like a tad of characters are picked over Junkrat the higher you go up in tiers :


I watch the League and it’s mostly 3/4 of the game I’ve watch. London uses it a lot.


Hi, Junkrat player here, who also plays Genji, Reinhardt, D.Va, Torbjorn and other stuff too from time to time.

Junkrat is powerful, but to state that he is OP is rather stupid in my opinion. His various buffs have simply put him in a situation of viability at last, after months earlier in the game of being a troll pick in ranks higher than like Platinum.

The important thing to understand when playing a Junkrat is that he is extremely powerful at close range, and extremely good at locking down a choke point. He makes it very difficult to pass through tight spaces due to long range spam, and if you get close to a Junkrat he has all the tools to destroy you. Therefore, if close quarters and tight spaces are his strong suit, how do you beat a Junkrat? Range. Widowmaker, Hanzo, Pharah and Soldier 76 are extremely good against a Junkrat. It’s pretty difficult to accurately aim his pipes at range. Possible, mind you, but it requires massive skill on the Junkrat’s behalf to pull off reliably and repeatedly. Mechanical skill, of course, as I will touch on later. But basically, don’t walk haphazardly into choke point where a Junkrat is spamming and expect to live. Go through quickly as a team, with your tanks blocking the damage, and take the Junkrat on from range. Best way to fight him.

As mentioned, I also think we really need to discuss “skill” in Overwatch. Because Junkrat, Winston, Reinhardt, etc all require a lot of skill actually. But what they don’t require much of (Junkrat still does need decent aim to hit his pipes at mid-range though) is mechanical skill, aka aim. Most DPS mains that like to play Widowmaker and (try to) hit sick snipey shots don’t seem to quite understand that there is more to Overwatch than “Who can click heads best”. Positioning, Good Ability Usage, Timing and Teamwork are equally vital to being a good player, and Junkrat (amongst other characters constantly sh*t on for “wah no skill”) needs to have far better understanding of positioning and ability management than a Widowmaker ever will. So please, stop this stupid argument. You look stupid when you complain that Junk doesn’t need skill.

Now, his ult is a different story. I think that its a balanced ult, but that it maybe does charge a tad too quickly. Just increase ult cost for Junkrat a little, and I’m sure he will be fine. But then again, that might not even be needed. At high ranks Junkrat doesn’t reliably get Tire kills. Even in Platinum where I find myself most of the time, my Tire often gets blown up before I can blow the enemies up. Maybe try adapting to the faster tire and just… shooting it? Just a suggestion.


The only solution is to become a pro hit scan player and destroy rip tires like we see the OWL pros do. Because junkrat mains have absolutely no idea what kind of talent it took to destroy their tire and are just left thinking, “Thats lame I should have gotten a free 6k”. Kappa


idk why they didn’t give him an ult charge nerf, it seemed like that was the most universally agreed upon nerf for him but it was never added to the ptr. :confused:


I never said ‘‘he is the most picked hero especially in high tiers’’

I was just pointing out that he isn’t ‘‘basically useless in high tiers’’ and is a pretty good pick.


Look at the hitscan elitist whining he can’t play Junkrat…


I love it also when people say Tracer and Genji require skill when they have two get out of free jail cards when they make an mistake overall. Also, there’s more to skill than just aiming and every character spams shots as well. Also, incoming trigger people for me saying this.


And they do, I don’t see how having an escape card changes that.


I feel like if tac visor and dead eye could lock onto the tire this argument could hold up a lot more in a lot more ranks


Honestly I really have no idea why they don’t.

For mccree ,MAYBE it’s because blizzard wants to stick to “6 enemies ,6 bullets” but why not soldier ?


I know right I it would really stop this nonsense of not being able to shoot the tire


Yeah, I know. I used to hate him so much but then I remembered that I’m playing overwatch, this game has 27 heroes, and each of them has unique abilities. you need to learn how to deal with him.

  • Don’t fight him in closed spaces.
  • Hit scan is great against him.

  • Pharah can send him to hell in no time.

  • A good Genji nows the rat’s compos to use it against him.

  • there are certain heroes who should not engage with him.

And TBH I think he is cheap. And I would only play him when the enemy team has lots of shields and no one else wants to play him.


junkrat was nerfed with ‘flying mechanics’ changes… it is much harder to kill people by blowing them outside map, it is much harder to blow up defence lines made by barrier tanks…
JR is easy to kill by all ranged hitscan characters, he is allmost squishy

if you cant handle a JR player that can predict your movement then it is your problem… not ‘unbalanced’ junkrat

those are my overbuff stats from current season… havent played a lot, but usually they look very simmilar (i mean they can be lower or higher in %ts)

look at tire kills… this “OP tire” myth is ridiculous, JR ult can eaisly be denied, i did it myself multiple times without a sweat

if someone can utilize JR, is unpredictable enough, flanks, and player uses imagination then JR is very dangerous hero

for me personally - JR is a LOT OF FUN, i am not player that allways stands in one place on a certain maps and spam granades in to choke hoping for some easy tracer… i like to erase people in most unpredictable and satisfying - ‘face off’ ways, allways try to play a map differently

JR should be BUFFED, speed of his granades should be increased


For real. I was healing yesterday on attack Hanamura and my entire team decided to jump on every single grenade (not exaggerating) and proceeded to complain about how OP Junkrat is.

This is how people come to the conclusion that he’s ‘op.’