Junkertown Bug Pls Fix

not the brightest idea to post a video of yourself exploiting.

[edit:] Since you’re all jumping me I’d also like to point out that posting exploits on the forum, no matter who the author/performer of the exploit is, is against the code of conduct and should be reported as inappropriate content.

The correct way to report this is to send a report to hacks@blizzard.com instead of posting them on the forums.

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That’s not me. Nice job of assuming lol

Damn there are still places on Junkertown where you can go inside walls? I thought they fixed those things a long time ago.

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Why else would I report it?

That’s that the author in the video… are you crazy?
It’s a replay.

Yes, of course I’m crazy. I’m on the Overwatch forums.

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It’s a replay dude… relax