Joining comp game bug

I was queueing with a friend and waited 15 minutes, it took so long that I thought we could just warm up in practice range, but as soon as I pressed it we found a game on comp but it glitched and we couldn’t choose any hero or anything. We couldn’t leave the game and rejoin either so I decided to restart the game and you guys banned me for 10 minutes and took 50SR + 1 endorsement level… thanks for making the game so enjoyable to play!!!

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I had a similar problem. Was in deathmatch while waiting. It then pulled us to put us in a match, but we didn’t connect, could see game chat, but no character selection. Restarted overwatch, had ‘Rejoin’ button, clicked it to no avail. Then the game punished us with -50SR and 10min in timeout.

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Hey there Neraazurri,

Did you have applications running in the background that have overlays? (e.c GeForce Experience or Discord)

If so, then that was most likely the cause of the issue.
I recommend you do not use overlays if this was the case, as they are not compatible with Overwatch.

The most common case of the overlay malfunctioning is that it will become invisible.
So you’ll see Overwatch like normal but unable to respond to your commands.
|This is usually caused by enabling the Overlay and then [ALT]+[TAB]'ing out and in.
(^ Usually so it’s possible that other overlays will just become invisible for no reason or blackscreen/crash your game)

If the overlay does indeed turn invisible, try pressing they key(s) requires to toggle the overlay. If that does not fix the issue then you’ve got to turn off the application causing the overlay.

(Refer to this Article)

Hey there Bio!

Quite recently there have been some connection issues.
These have been caused by recent DDOS attacks on the network providers revolving Blizzard.

It means Blizzard is not being directly attacked, so it’s not at fault of their servers.
It’s more a technical malfunction, and sadly enough SR cannot be refunded if you were wondering: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties

\ My recommendation for you is to stop playing competitive until this issue has been resolved.