Joined Comp Match, Auto Kicked, Lost 50 SR + Suspended

Just now I was in the queue for a competitive match. It said a game was found and automatically, without even loading up my comp game, I had a “Rejoin Match” option at the top and received 3 orange messages from the player chat. So obviously I joined a game but I didn’t get to actually play. And then it straight kicked me out of the game completely. I got suspended for 10 minutes and lost out on 50 SR from matches I won earlier this morning… This is really unfair and had nothing to do on my end. I don’t ever like to say things are ‘not fair’ but this actually isn’t. This is also the first time I’ve ever gotten a suspension on Overwatch for ANYTHING. Blizzard really needs to come up with a way to make things right for when this type of stuff happens. It’s not fair that we get auto suspensions when we’ve done nothing wrong :confused:

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Our scope of support for this type of issue can be found Here. Customer Service can help you troubleshoot the connection to find the issue, and help avoid this in the future. When packet loss or a routing issue occurs, it is possible to fail to connect to the game server.

As for suggestions on changing the penalty system’s actions, please post your feedback over on our General Discussion forums. This is the Technical Support forums where we troubleshoot and gather data, it is not for feedback.

Can I inquire as to weather you checked if the servers were stable? Not all problems are on the players side.

Blizzard monitors their servers 24/7/365 through their Global Network Operations Center. They also monitor most major Internet Service Providers for possible outages as well. If there is an issue which is causing multiple players to be kicked, they will quickly send out updates on the official Blizzard Customer Service Twitter Feed and on the alert message for the BattleNet App Launcher. In severe cases where there is server unstablity affecting the entire community, the Overwatch Development Team at their discretion may disable the Competitive Play option (but this happens extremely rarely).

In short, unless you see multiple players within a matter of a few minutes posting disconnections, it is most likely not a server issue.


It happen the same to me just now. Did you oppen an ticket?
I entered in the game and was disconnected 5s after game start, tryed to rejoin the match and when entered the game disconect again and lost 50 rank and suspended for 10 min.
It happen after few comp matches