Jeff said hog might be DPS

according to Jeff Kaplan’s December post about 1/3/2


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I thought sym,mei and sombra should be support hero.

They don’t heal but they “support” team in other way.

There was an interview yesterday that he said they are gonna give him a tank ability, an AoE one, with a gas cloud animation.

interview? can you give me a link?

Here you go:


That was before the behind the scenes interview.

Tank hog is going to take a breather, and release a gas cloud providing damage resistance to all nearby teammates.

They said that this would be OP in 222, but I don’t think so since they released Sigma already.
Actually it makes his kit well rounded just like Sigma’s, maybe that’s why he would be OP?
Team defensive, self defensive, burst + CC, good in close-mid range.

When the Workshop was first released, I was trying to implement something similar - except that TaB spawned a short-duration poison cloud that damaged enemies who walked into it, similar to Widowmaker’s Venom Mine. (Because Hog’s quite noticably… erm… gassy if you listen closely.)

I could never get it working, but I always felt that an offensive / zone control ability like that would lean more into Hog’s status as a short-range brawler that you don’t want to get close to. Probably not suited to a 1-3-2 team comp, though.

In a role-lock system where the number of supports on your team is limited, any support hero that does not heal will be less beneficial than having two healers.

The game feels like an ongoing closed beta.

…except anyone can buy the game and join it, thus its open

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