Jeff Kaplan talks about 1/3/2

The Yule Log Overwatch videos were a yearly Christmas tradition, I absolutely loved those and miss them, it wasn’t a troll at all it was hilarious, heartwarming and charming. And he didn’t just sit the entire way, it was interspersed with funny Easter egg moments, I remember in one of the last ones midway he actually built an Overwatch Lego set (the one for Junker Town IIRC), man how nostalgic. :christmas_tree::santa::snowman:

Go watch the Brig release video where he says she’s a support who can tank and DPS. As if that was good. Tell me he saw the problems.

Just bring back defense role


That’s hilarious, he pinpointed all the issues with OW2. Only difference is that supports are in such a terrible state that even with 2 of them you still get the issues they had with a solo healer.

Bring back Jeff pls.

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Honestly, I’m the type of player that would prefer damn near anything to completely switching the game over to 5v5. If that means 1 tank, 3 dps and 2 healer? I’d definitely try that.

Onto Jeff’s post: I know for some that is just a big boring wall of text that you’ll never read, but I read the whole thing, and wow did Jeff nail the way he elaborated on the different perspectives players took to 1/3/2 and the game as a whole… a lot of it spoke to me directly.

As a tank main, this is the first part that stood out to me (context - Jeff is discussing their internal play testing of 1 tank, 3 dps, 2 support):

As a tank main, this describes me to a tee. I like playing the tanks that are traditionally seen as “off tanks”, mainly Zarya. At the time of typing this, a lot of players are of the mindset that Zarya is the best tank in OW2, despite that, I still feel that pressure of playing one tank.

For me, the fun of an “off tank” is that they sit comfortably between support and damage… they’re able to support by (in zarya’s case) shielding some damage, but not completely blocking it off (like rein’s shield), while also securing elims and helping out the dps, since zar’s bubble improve her damage (such a cool idea imo). Now that there is only one tank, they have to make all tanks feel more “brawly”. All the tanks, balance wise, are converging on that idea… and it’s removing a lot of the fun and identity of the tanks. Speaking of removing the games identity, Jeff goes on to say this:

I can totally see both sides of this. While I’m on the side that greatly prefers the deep team play aspect of OW… I can acknowledge how that can make it hard to have fun when you’re just looking to jump in for some rounds and blow off steam.

My personal opinion is that there are ways to balance the game that award individual achievement while still keeping team play as the back bone of the game. Team play is the aspect that drew me in when I started playing OW. If I wanted to frag out and carry I’d play Halo or CoD, ya know?

TL;DR: I strongly feel that they should’ve first experimented with 1 tank, 3 dps, 2 support before throwing the baby out with the bath water and just switching over to 5v5, no questions asked. I know they want to keep pace with other FPS games on the market that are currently earning more… but ditching a key part of OW’s identity (aka 6v6 team play) is not the way to do it.