Jeff Kaplan talks about 1/3/2

Someone created a community post about an idea for the game to go 1/3/2 and the man himself, Daddy… I mean Jeff Kaplan has responded to it as you can see above.

I decided to make a whole new post acted as a Megathread of sorts so everyone can discuss about it.

For me, I honestly would like to give 1/3/2 a try on PTR (the PTR is also meant to be a place for testing features, not showing a preview of them) to see how it will work.

Obviously, if 1/3/2 WERE and again, WERE to happen then there would need to be massive balance changes for everyone, Tanks would probably need to be a Raid Boss style (sounds pretty cool, wonder what a Raid boss will be like?), Damage and Support I’m not sure about but I’ll let the community think about this one.

Anyways, discuss your thoughts about this!

I would be down with testing it. But if it genuinely makes tanks not want to play the game anymore, that is a problem too. It is just hard because we would need to test it for a long period of time on live, basically a month or so, just to get enough data and let people warm up (or start to see the faults) of the idea.

As a tank player myself, 2/2/2 is honestly not fun for me personally as it practically restricted the Tank category to Shield tanks, especially on QP which is mean to be casual play (though it isn’t explained clearly), and without going the meta, you lose.

I would honestly have 1/3/2 if it means playing again.