Its time to take hog (maybe zarya) out of tank group

Yeah, I agreed with all of your points except the one where you said that current Hog and current Zarya don’t attract DPS players. I think they do.

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thats feeding

widow is tank guys you heard it

most people use it for dps instead of actual space maker. and the only time its used to create space is overtime to get the enemy off point.

When Hogs hook is ready, it pushes teams back more than any other tank in the game.

Stop thinking to be a tank you have to have a sheild. That’s not what a tank is.

Hog is most likely a for years misunderstood tank. Back in old days he was a Offtank for Orisa to prevwnt flanks, but nowdays he is actually a Maintank. Hog works well with Sigma, Hog Sigma is extrenely dangerous close range CC and you have to play from range. The only como wich really counters him is Spam, exoecially Ball Spam.

Every abillity in his kit is a Tank abillity:
Take a breathet helps him to sustain and allows him to hold Space, Hook is a great CC tool wich helps a lot against single flankers, his ult is pure CC too.

Widow doesn’t press W. “Making space” means pushing forward to claim the point. Widow provides a consistent threat across various sightlines. Hog provides a very specific area of threat that he is pressing forward in order to “claim” the space. Widow can’t stand on the point and hold the space because she almost instantly crumples under any sort of focused fire. Hog can, because he has 600 hp plus a 50% damage reduction and 300hp self heal. If you don’t understand the difference between these two heroes and the roles they play, I’d suggest you do more research so you can learn what a tank actually is supposed to do.

you really though i was being serious? a tank having a kill threat doesnt add up to them being a tank. if it did then the entire dps role is considered an off tank. bastion is also a tank based on your reasoning. has 300 hp, high self heal, ironclad,and a kill threat.
walking foward with hog is feeding not creating space. and hog has better space maker because he has a lower threat area than widow? how many hogs do you see just walking foward and the enemy wets their pants and runs away

and Blizzard explained why hog isnt moved to dps and mei isnt moved to tank. hog would have to recieve multiple nerfs in order to put him there so they dont want to make him worse, and mei cant be put in tank because her right click does too much damage for a tank so they would have to change it.

hog reason:

mei reason (comment should be highlighted):

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Did you ever play Hog on high ranks? You never push as Zarya Hog - you just searching for hooks from covers

No push - just poke and hook

Yes, thats what I said. Hog is like a no shield Orisa. He allows you to play Doublesniper with high prtection for your Snipers by playing near them.
Beside that, on attack you push if your Hog got attention, you never flank in this como and keep staying at the frontline so you have the attention, just like a Maintank

If he has no hook - No one. Withou hook Hog wets his pants and runs for cover.

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… we’re done here everyone.

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What if I don’t wanna wait 10-15 minutes to play a videogame?

I’ll pick whatever the hell I want.

Hog is nothing like Orisa… you have no idea what you are talking about.

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Zarya is already gone, hog hasnt been good for years outside of halt hook for a month

Alright man, I will attempt to explain everything.

The Role of a Tank is to draw aggro/fire/damage away from your team. In WoW PvE this is easy but not PvP because there is no “aggro” variable in people Blizzard can tweak so of course it’s easy to do with NPCs. So think about it what would make would make the enemy player more likely to attack you, and what makes you able to sustain damage. Also to “give your team a positioning advantage. Either by denying enemy positioning, or enabling teammate positioning.” - GreyFalcon

Enemy Players need to feel that you are their biggest/immediate threat to them for them drop whatever they are firing at or pursuing to attack you.

The player (tank) needs to be able to draw fire and thus take a lot of shots with high sustain, meaningh HP or and a self heal (self heals because unlike an NPC players will quickly figure out that they can kill everyone else around hog first including the healer because of a lack of an aggro system) or If they cannot draw fire they need a shield ability to block fire which regenerates which is kind of like having HP and self heals but transferred onto the shield and not yourself.

All tanks are tanks That’s why they’re in the tank category, but just like all cars or cars there are sports cars luxury cars economically cars, and even within trucks they are as long bed trucks short bed trucks 8-cylinder trucks and even four-cylinder economical trucks. All the tanks are tanks they just come with different varieties.

Here are all the tanks and why they are tanks, in a short version of all which I know currently.

Reinhardt is very team protective which is why he has such a big shield that has the most HP and if you dare get close to his team that he’s protecting his hammer can hit multiple enemies and has no reload time and does high damage. Moving fortress’s protect a lot of his team if they’re close together bundled up can destroy a lot of the enemy team if they’re close together bundled up. Reinhart is a mop up can be used to save people in immediate danger but mostly used for its marble capability to either clear the capture point or clear space forward after you killed the few

Orisa is protective/sustain as well but she concentrates on sustained fire making sure nobody really comes close because you know they don’t want to get hit by your bullet storm and sustained fire also means that she has to sustain herself which is why she has that protective mode. She is the only tank who does not have a real cap on a firing distance but her bullets at a distance can be avoided and harder to land. Her ult buffs the team which is a very neutral in terms of whether it’s used offensively or defensively.

Sigma is protective/mobility put some CC in there of all the tanks though he concentrates on single targets it’s tricky to use but technically his kit is pretty good if you know what you’re doing. His range is close to mid distance. His Ult is bit strange to me, though in I guess it does deny movement , and temporarily create vertical space which could be of defensive value by suddenly entrapping enemies that were a theat and make them vunerable either by allowing them to be killed easier or allowing teamates time to escape/reposition.

Winston is a dive tank, The reasons dive tanks work is because technically They can land anywhere in the middle of your team including the back line which is important to your team so if somebody lands in the middle of your team instantly attention is going to go to him which is why his shield has 360° protection and his gun hits multiple targets for the reason that he’s likely to get the attention of multiple people. Of course if he’s going to be jumping in the middle of the team he needs a way to get in and out pretty quick That’s his leap. His Ult definitely creates space or kills on a single target basis. is A dive tank like Winston but unlike Winston she is more of a single target dive tank for the obvious reasons that her weapon can really mess somebody up if you’re really close and in front of their face. Since she concentrates on single target her shield is very small and only protects the front of her but it is a perfect shield within the small area for the time that it lasts So she could potentially tank any damage that’s in front of her for that amount of time making her a real threat to bastion because of her perfect shield plus rockets. Her ult will definitely makes space either through fear or death.

Wrecking Ball primarily tanks in the sense that he is a staller and distance maker and inconvenience, whether he’s stalling the cop car pooping you away from it or pooping you off points or just rolling in and out of the enemy team pestering them slowing them from cart progress, he just makes things difficult and if not taking care of everything just becomes way more difficult. it’s kind of like having a poison effect on you, Well not an imminent threat if you let it stick around for too long it tends to be bad news over time. His Ult either creates safe space or danger zone, used either allow or deny movement or risk death.

Now for the last two that you don’t think are tanks or “off tanks” at best

Roadhog draws fire tanks in that he is a threat to anyone near him and his hook which is 20m he makes things uneasy because if you are within 20 m of him you are likely to get hooked so it is unwise to be 20 meter close So he creates space which is something a tank still simply by fear or threat of his presence around you You wouldn’t want him around you or close to you so you would move back, but technically he can’t threaten everyone at the same time but no one knows exactly who’s he’s going to hook. Because he’s such a threat within that distance anybody within that distance is also going to want to shoot at him because they’re within distance and they don’t want to die, So he needs a high HP and is also the purpose of a self-heal because he is a single high threat target which in terms of tanking similarities to WoW Roadhog would actually be the most similar to how the mechanics work in PvE being a single high-value target that draws enemy fire except not through aggro but through threat levels. This is the reason Reaper is not a tank and still can have some kind of high sustain because he doesn’t really draw agro unless he’s a threat to you and you don’t know if he’s a threat to you until he appears right in front of you and at that point he’s only a threat to that one person and nobody else. He has one of the most tank type ult you can get, it’s essentially a space creator.

Zarya is a high protection single target tank and creates distance by her threat levels kind of like hog does. Her bubbles are more about one person at a time thing but while this person is bubbled The shield offers protection but not invincible technically it’s kind of weak in a sense but it also discourages fire, she has limited range on her laser fire and while her needs can do more range damage range moving targets are really hard to hit and get harder with distance so she’s primarily close range her damage is pretty weak at this point unless you get her old charge up, but if her old charge does get high enough nobody really wants to get close to her or else they get melted, thus the enemy is more motivated to move away and is create space. So this leaves the enemy with a choice they can either destroy zarya’s sheild and zarya’s protective ability with a caveat of boosting her ability to create space, or they can avoid shooting or shield and allowing zaria’s protective abilities and hampering her damage and ability to create space. Of course if this was completely left up to the enemy on how Zarya should take they could easily use this to her their advantage which is why it’s a quick charging fast shield to catch enemies by surprise and not a slow charging long shield where they can easily control how to Zarya tanks. Her ult is effective mostly as combo for dps value however a few games have been won using her maintain/deny space in a more defensive/tankish way

All tanks are tanks, some tanks blur the lines just like some healers blur the lines just like some DPS have healing capabilities and soldier even has team healings capabilities. I suspect the reason this was done is because the worst feeling when being a healer is when your DPS lacking and there’s nothing you could do about it so they allow you to pick sin who can do something about it, same goes for DPS when your healing is lacking they allow you to pick a character that has self healing. Range within class makes it so you’re completely helpless, If you really think about it they I think they put a lot of effort into the variety and a certain types of variety within class that requires a lot of thought to be appreciated.

sorry if there are any errors in my writing I’m using voice to text but I tried to minimize it’s if I caught any errors while doing it but I can’t guarantee perfection.


If we would listen to the forum, we would end up with 4 tanks, lul !

DPS Q will lengthen even more, they are vital tanks for solo q.
Just use natural cover and try focus firing anything hog hooks are stay behind him see how much of a tank he is.

Does it matter how most people play Hog? Have you seen T500s and OWL/Contenders where Hog and Ball play like main tanks while Zarya plays like off tank

Take my updoots you beautiful bastard

In am FPS game it’s two things

  1. Can give your team a positioning advantage. Either by denying enemy positioning, or enabling teammate positioning.
  2. Enough self sustain to be advantaged at capturing/holding objectives.

Tank main here… real tank main. Hog is a fat DPS. Zarya is in fact a off-tank but NOTHING of Hogs kit is tank based except his healthpool.