It's time to let go

I know it is but tbh most of the threads I see on the forums are about Mercy needing mass rez back, which she doesn’t.

I want to honestly give UP revive in ANY shape or form. I just want it gone, it’s a shackle on Mercy’s neck dragging her underwater at this point.

It’s clear that the team has no idea how to handle it. It’s time for us all to accept revive needs to be removed and her kit to be turned into something to PREVENT death. Out of all healers she is probably the worst healer at PREVENTING death.

“Heroes never die.” I mean out of all healers Mercy lacks the burst and the throughput of Ana and Moira and baguette and zenyatta have intense burst and lucio’s ult shield is a huge protection let alone with amp it up he heals like 50hp/s in an AOE…

Mercy is bar none the weakest healer atm. Healing only 20 more hp/s than zenyatta who can also discord orb and attack at the same time and can pop transcendence and protect the team from death.

Mercy is abysmal.

It’s time to give up revive.

I’ve even posted about this numerous times in the past.


I respectfully disagree with his statement

Jeff has, for example, noted recently that there is a lot of interest in Mercy on the forums. If he (as one of the devs) was ignoring this character, he wouldnt have the information to make such a statements

Further, Mercy has just received a buff. That change represents the devs being attentive to mercy, not ignoring her

Finally, as a general concept, there is a difference between being ignored and being disagreed with (in part or whole). A 16 year old who just got their license may express the desire for his or her parents to buy him/her a tricked out brand new car, and the fact that his/her parents buy him/her a used chevy instead doesnt mean they ignored him/her - it means they listened, and did what they felt they could with all other factors (like in this case paying the mortgage, putting food on the table, paying the gas bill, etc etc) being considered as well. To bring this analogy in line with Mercy - the devs dont change a character in a vaccum - they change a character while considering that characters place in the game in its entirety. A buff to Mercy affects all characters, not just Mercy, as all 28 (err 29) characters need healing, for example

Bottom line - In OW just as in life in general, not getting exactly what you ask for does not necessarily mean you are being ignored

Mercy is Blizzards intellectual property, and as such, they determine what she is defined to be. So they are well within their rights to do so, if they think that is best for the game.

In my opinion, no character is perfect, nor do I expect any of them ever to be

That said, I (and many others) do find Mercy in her current state, even before the buffs announced on 20181023 go live, to be “balanced, fun, impacting, skillful , and engaging.”

A partial revert and a buff which compensates for the slower ult charge from the original nerf. But yeah, fair do. As for other parts of the reply, some of it I respectfully disagree. “Many others” is subjective, we don’t know how many truly find Mercy ‘balanced, fun, impacting, skillful and engaging’.

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Two words.
Thank. You.
Please, can everyone take the time to realize this?


I respectfully disagree, because I have read many other posts in these forums by many other posters who have also said that that they too find Mercy in her current state to be fun, engaging, effective, and balanced

This forum is only a small sample size, and thus can’t be considered one side or another.

Anyway, I feel like our conversation could be de-railing the original intention of this thread so I’m going to stop further participation from myself from this post. Fun chatting!


I 100% agree that the forum posters are a small sample size of the entire population of Overwatch players


the key word here is “many”

I have indeed seen many other posts form many other posters who (like me) have stated that they find Mercy to be fun, engaging, effective, and balanced

Great for you! Now the Majority of us want a Mercy who requires more skill while being fun to play at the same time. We don’t want a spectator mode as an ultimate that does everything for you and we don’t want rez to be so sluggish and unfun to use. Lot of feedback has been given to keep Mercy balanced and fun and they ignored everything, because of E Rez everything besides GA and her Pistol has been nerfed. I wouldn’t call it engaging and fun.


I agree with you and I will move on when they complete the rework and make her as fun, have the same potential for impact in game and have the same/similar iconic symbolism she had with mass res.

I get the feeling I’m going to be waiting awhile but that just means I get to post about Mercy more.

Mercy requires bounds more skill in her current state than she ever did in her mass rez state. Valkyrie is not a spectator mode. Stop calling it that.
She was literally a joke back in 1.0 for being completely brainless.

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Stop talking through ignorance and take you time to actually read this thread that’s very well detailed and explains why most of us are asking for Mercy changes. Or you could ignore this thread and keep spreading misinformation just like every other anti-Mercy players

I’ve read this thread before. I’m not talking through ignorance. And I’m not spreading misinformation. What you are doing with this is campaigning for a hero that is in a balanced state. The mind state of the Mercy player base is that she will always be underpowered until she gets mass rez back. That’s not happening. It’s ridiculous that you try and accuse me of ignorance when there are people that do enjoy valkyrie, and those that do not- are the ones who simply refuse to adapt and learn this iteration of mercy.

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I respectfully disagree with your premise here

I agree that a large number of players want Mercy to be changed, but I do not believe that all Mercy players who want the character changed want the same changes. For example, I have seen some state that they want mass rez returned. Others want rez in any/all forms removed entirely. THese positions are muktually exclusive.

Further, I do not believe that data is available to ascertain with any degree of certainty that a majority feels this way. I see a large number of players who want her changed. I also see a large number of players who do not want her changed. As such, in my opinion, I dont think either side can claim to be a majority

I wont use the term “we” here, but I can say from reading many other posts on these forums and form my own experience, many of us (myself included) do not find Valkyrie to be something we’d describe as spectator mode or everything done for you.

Many of us, myself included, differ in our experience with rez, and do no find it sluggish or unfun. I myself find pulling off a midfight rez to be one of the most rewarding things I do as Mercy, not just for having fun, but in terms of impact on a teamfight, often leading to a greater likelihood of a win

I agree that lots of feedback has been given

With apologies, I do not agree that it has been ignored; and add that there is feedback to be considered from all players, not just Mercy players; as all players are affected by changes to any character, whether said player plays that character or not

I have seen a great deal of attention given to the character by the devs, including but not limited to changes

I have also seen multiple devs talk about the character and her popularity in the fanbase. They do in my opinion seem to be listening and aware; but since Mercy is their intellectual property, they ultimately decide what is best for the character, even if what they decide does not coincide with what some players want

In my opinion, and the option of many others I know and/or whose comments herein I have read, Mercy is engaging and fun in her current state

I will say that after the recent Torb rework, I no longer enjoy playing Torb; and as a result I have moved on to playing other characters who I enjoy playing more. I am not saying you should do this as well, just sayin’

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Honey if you have read the thread like you said you did, you would have noticed that we are aksing for Mercy to be FUN by keeping her BALANCED. What you are saying it’s just stupid and makes no sense, Valkyrie when released was OP af, But at least it was fun because the fast rezzes and the fast GA but again it was OP and annoying. And no, Mercy players don’t refuse to adapt because the majority already did, AGAIN we are asking for a more skilled Mercy while being fun which Valkyrie and E-rez are not. And if you really have read Titanium’s thread you should know why Mass rez was more skilled but apparently you did not :slight_smile: .

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Gonna keep it short: Mass rez was not more skilled.

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honestly if it was more skilled it honestly wasn’t by much mass rez was a very easy ult to get off compared to other support ults but honestly valk isn’t exactly a skill shot ult to say the very least but honestly this argument is going nowhere fast

Sure honey it’s easier to say it and not to give details on why it wasn’t more skilled. Also again if you were infromed on all about you would know Why it required more skill but you lied and refuse to admit it

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The reasons given for “more skill” were completely subjective, sweetie.

Mass rez was a set it and forget it ult. Instantaneous with invulnerability. It was near impossible to mess up unless you had zero game sense. Hide and rez was a viable strategy, even if it was frowned upon. It was a very safe ult to get off and have an effect on the game. To be honest, I love mass rez and miss it, but I don’t want it back.

Valkyrie, despite some people calling it spectator mode, usually requires you to swap between targets if your team isn’t playing together (and they frequently aren’t.) You have to debate between going for a rez, healing, damaging boosting, or using your pistol. You have to be engaged through the ultimate to get the most out of it, unless your team wins/loses the fight within seconds of you popping ult (which could mean you popped your ult at the wrong time.) Valkyrie is still a pretty safe ult, but it’s possible to die while using it and far easier to use it at the wrong time then it was to use mass rez.

Both mass rez and Valk require the same skill sets: game sense. It’s just the Valk requires more because it lasts longer and has more options how to use it.