🙄 It's ironic

her first version of Valkyrie, that was OP.

I think so, but I can understand why others did not agree for the time, but Overwatch back then was such a drastically different game from the Overwatch we know now. The roster at the time had admittedly limited options for harassing and shutting down a Mercy but the roster these days have plenty of new options available complete with cc and flanking abilities that simply weren’t around then.

Now, there are plenty of compositions that would shut down a Mercy and make it more competitive for Mercys to succeed with mass rez. With today’s roster, I think the mass rez experience would be very different than before for all parties involved.

Not even talking about Valk.

Just in general Ana, Reaper, and Bastion all were in worse spots than Mercy was before her rework.

And this is what separates a good Mercy from a trash one. Also, just saying no doesn’t really mean anything.

That’s the whole point of Resurrect? Keyword here is “chance”. The enemy still has ample opportunity to win the overall fight.

I’ve already made it very clear that that strategy was trash. Skipping a fight, letting your team intentionally die so you can restart that fight but this time, actually try gives you no advantage whatsoever and more often than not, just gives the enemy the opportunity to use their saved resources to wipe again.

Worst case scenario is getting instantly wiped again. Which is what that strategy constantly resulted in.

Firstly, Junk wouldn’t have to. Secondly, Mercy would also have to rebuild her ultimate if the fight was still lost. You seem to be acting as if simply Ressurecting your teammates ensures a win. It really doesn’t.

Disagree. The huge res achievement percentage also seems to agree. :man_shrugging:t4: Plus, tempo ressing was objectively easier to pull off and it wasn’t trash (in terms of strategy) like “Hide n Res”.

whispers SR exploit, Invulnerability and just plain bad players.

1625 = 1625 heals required. This, in a vacuum would be relatively fast but it doesn’t acknowledge the fact that there’s going to be another support (more often than not), Mercy isn’t always going to be healing and in some situations, your team just doesn’t require that much heals and therefore, ult building will take much longer.



I think it’s safe to say Skreaw is playing a different game. :woman_facepalming:


Ana wasn’t bad at all, i can agree only with reaper and bastion, but this isn’t a reason to keep an hero being garbage.

Just read this post please, this is acutally the best Mercy rework i founded.

Actually with her nerfs that ended triple tanks she lacked the synergy to run with DPS comps.

It’s why Lucio/Zen sorta took over.

Someone played Zen Lucio as healers? what? ._.

Ana nerf wasn’t that tragic, just watch Brigitte, or again Mercy now, they got like 17 nerfs.

To be fair, Ana needed those nerfs at the time.


But pressing Q and killing 5 people is okay…

You seem to defend Reaper a lot so

cough… reaper

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Dude…how many people you rez or kill doesn’t matter. It’s the amount of counterplay each has that’s the discrepancy.

for further consistency, this is why I am glad the Widow ult change happened and why the sombra ult nerf happened. Gives them counterplay.

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This has nothing to do with my arguments. You just quoted me and then posted your argument about completely different issue. That actually works against you, if you really think about it.

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While true she did, they left her with no compensation so I think that’s where she was done wrong.

…it’s called Dive??? Lucio and Zen were the healer duo because of their utility.

Mass rez in 2019, good lucking getting it off

I said this before: Mercy mains can be lucky that mass rez is not in the game anymore.
Swooping in and rezzing your whole team is easily countered today.
Either she will die so quickly or get cc’d to death

Enemy has Sombra and is just waiting for Mercy, mercy will never get her rez off and let us be honest Mercy mains won’t switch

Countering a hero that stands still and is out in the open outputting no damage at all and has no movement ability and has essentially a timeout to reach before successfully popping ult is scarier than a reaper who can navigate, even if slowly, toward you, outputting damage in all directions and melting tanks before counter play can occur?

I’m not saying it’s impossible to counter play him but the chances are relatively slim.

I’m also considering this in the context of today’s Overwatch.

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We have that wondering word called “buffing”. Then again, when Blizzard is the one doing it, I guess your statement speaks some truths. :grimacing:

to being honest, if Mercy mass ress was that hard to counter, why dont just change something instead of rework her? to easy to revive? okay

Make Mercy able to ress only who is on her sight or only who isn’t behind a wall, give her a cast time of like 1.50 sec and there we go, u cant make a ress of 5 because the enemy will notice u, so probably the most safe could be a ress of 2-3.

I dont think was that hard.

If Mercy is able to make a mass ress if just enemy team’s fault.

Ah yeah, i just forgot that meta lol.

Looking at this makes me wonder why they reworked her.

She was easily fixable imo.

How would you buff mass rez?
You need to be able to counter it and if you are able to counter it, then again the problem persists

Mercy was fun to playing before because for the all match u was just a moscow and u didn’t feel that impactful but when u had your ultimate, then yeah, now she dont have that feeling anymore, this is what i am missing to her, being impactfull. Now she can be impactfull if she make a good ress, but her ultimate shouldn’t even been called like that.