It's been 2 years since Beyblade

Reaper: “Hey, could I maybe get a bigger buff this patch? I know I’ve been buffed several times but they’ve been pretty useless.”

Jeff with his eyes glowing bright red: “Sure we’ll add some buffs this PTR cycle.”

slams Reaper into the ground
“We buffed McCree.”

throws him into a wall
“Oh also we buffed Soldier’s bloom.”

smacks him so hard that his skull mask breaks off
“And, we reworked Pharah.”

Reaper: “W-well what about the pellets?”

Jeff punches Reaper in the groin
“We gave less random shotgun to Torb, and buffed his primary fire too”

Reaper: “Well could you maybe tone down the armor in the game a tad?”

Jeff stands Reaper up
J: “Oh yeah, Torb no longer gives out armor now.”
R: “Oh well that’s pretty useful actually”

Jeff suplexes Reaper
“But torb has an armor penetrating ultimate now”

Reaper covered in blood: “Well I still have my wraith form.”

Jeff buries Reaper alive in a coffin
“Torb also has an ability that buffs him for a few seconds”

Happy October Folks!

Now could someone go and dig up poor Gabriel already?

Also obviously this is a joke post. I love Jeff but his God meme status just works here


Poor Reaper dude, seems like he won’t even get a skin for Halloween.
A clown-skin would be fitting, btw…


Reaper needs a right click of some sort in my opinion


Oh my, this is so true lol.
Sick of other heroes getting all the buffs while reaper rots in F tier, like he has since pretty much release (Reaper wasn’t even strong in beyblade, he was only used for his ultimate which is utter trash now because of all the counters to it, not the mention the speed boost is gone)

bUt hE wAs uSEd oNCe iN pRO PLaY11!!!1111!

He needs smoke grenades, whether it’s right click or a CD.
Maybe it can make people temporarily blinded within a small radius and reaper can see through it. (also 10s cd)


What if they made his secondary fire unique? Hear me out.

What if he gets smoke, explosive, and incendiary?
How I believe that this could work is by having it set on scroll. To keep this from getting OP, swapping grenade modes makes him do a “reload”-like animation (what that animation is exactly is up to them). This not only could help him out, but also provide new and varying strategies for him.




Reaper is tough to balance because he’s pretty bad against a coordinated team that’s making callouts. But in solo queue when the enemy team isn’t using chat, he can clean house and solo carry

I’m convinced that Blizzard has forgotten that Reaper even exists at this point.


To be honest, Reaper has gotten a halloween skin the past two. Pumpkin and Vampire. I think he is good for it on this event.

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On the one hand, that’s totally fair.

On the other hand, Reaper is a walking Halloween mascot - it only seems right.


I miss Beyblade Meta… So much.

Honestly was the best state the game was in.


Sorry, couldn’t resist.
Also, I miss the Souls. That is all, good day.


Reaper and hog got their less shotgun spread last patch :]

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It wasn’t less spread. It was a change to how headshots worked

I think they at the very least give him a set spread pattern and maybe a faster reload. I don’t love the smoke grenade because there is enough cc in this game. I think it would be cool if he reloaded on kill.

Reaper got a lot of buffs, dude. Wraith cancelable, faster and free reload.
Shadowstep needs to be reworked, it’s useless for most of times.

Shotguns need less RNG, I agree.

Yes I am aware of that

can we have red glowing eyes for reaper?

No one?
Really none of you have?
Okay… I’ll do it.

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Can confirm, devs hate reaper.

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