It's been 2 years since Beyblade

No no you don’t understand. Halloween is his Holiday.


No, they don’t.
Weapons calculate critical damage for each individual pellet that lands in a critical region (e.g. a headshot)
Just a new RNG-calculator.

No spread-reduction.
Even Genji got this for his right-click


Developer Comments While this is a bug fix, we wanted to highlight this change as it can affect gameplay by changing the damage output of the affected heroes in certain situations. After this fix, weapons with spread should now correctly calculate critical damage for each individual pellet that lands in a critical region (e.g. a headshot). The end result of this change is that it should be significantly easier to deal critical damage with any weapon that fires multiple shots simultaneously, such as Reaper’s Hellfire Shotguns and D.Va’s Fusion Cannons. In addition, we’ve changed the logic for when these weapons display a critical marker on your screen. It now requires 30% of your shots to be critical, rather than displaying it if a single pellet hits critically.

I’ll type this as many time as possible but Beyblade season was one of the best in my opinion. Largely because it wasn’t just reaper you could Nano and get results, so much of the cast were prime targets because of that speedboost.

Yes Nano Rein Brawls were a thing but they were honestly fun to watch imho. You could Nano Genji(as most do now) you could Nano, Rein, Reaper, Soldier, hell even Mccree since he could actually dodge a tad bit with the speedboost.

I meant less random, not actually less sorry :]

We dont need another tank buster, when Hanzo can do Reapers job better and without any risk.

Why go in close combat, when your DD can deal enough damage from far away, have a better kit, get the ult faster and dont move like an old grandpa.

I remember when some people were like posting a lot about how “REAPER WILL BE OUT OF CONTROL AMAZING NOW YAY!” out about the small QOL changes reaper got.

Now it ends up that those QOL changes were literally just QOL :frowning:

So Reaper got robbed.
Nerf Hanzo!

Beyblade beyblade let it RIP

Nah that’s bastion. Blizz still does QoLs for Reaper. Can’t tell which is worse though.

I don’t believe it’s true, brig took care of him well.

I have only one question: How would this be implemented on consoles?

Some things like that are up to the devs

Could be possible.
One of the first designed heroes…

You calling the latest Reaper buff useless?!?!

At least now, I am able to reliably outplay a Hog, McCree, and an Ana because of wraith cancel.

But his Shadowstep sucks…

Same button you use to swap weapon on Mercy and Torbjorn. Whatever that may be.

That’d be DPad Right, by default, IIRC. Sounds good.

Almost like his current state is like a

Clown Fiesta

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Yeah sadly…
All we can do is hope…