It is time to leak the content creator meeting

Right, I feel if they were actually stoked to show us what they had they would’ve. They’re either incredibly tone deaf or OW2 is a mess and they have nothing positive to show.


That feel when TF2 and OW are my favorite games in the YOL 2022


It’s very nice to hear from you, but the whole reason the community in general is frustrated is because we never know when the “when” is. Especially when CCs get to get some positive information from your team but the community is left in the dark. Definitely not trying to be rude, but this is where a lot of us stand right now. We just want cool, exciting stuff to talk about, and concrete things to look forward to.

There have been a lot of negative stuff piling up that makes simply “having faith / hope” difficult.


That overwatch 2 is mainly PvE game is what has made me so angry. I’m fine with blizz making a PvE game, but do not use that as an excuse not to work on OW1.
A co-op game is an entirely different thing from a competitive shooter. You can’t just shift focus from one to the other and expect the community to not be pissed off.

It does seem to me that the devs have realized this now and is working towards revamping the PvP aspect to a higher degree. (Or i’ve snorted a bit too much hopium) And that is why the game is being delayed. (ofc, the rona did not help)

I too, do believe that at least part what was communicated at that meeting was that we would get the PvP content earlier than the PvE content. But sure hope that was not all of it.

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okay, well as a company currently bleeding players and the only LOGICAL option to compete where other developers are lacking is their community outreach and PLANNED content ie battlepasses, seasonal map updates, seasonal character releases etc. For blizzard themselves they shot themselves in the foot because they’ll be looked at to supply pve updates on TOP of pvp updates. Which judging on the current state is not manageable. :slight_smile: so the bare minimum like a plan to stick to would show the community they have the right idea. not empty words about ow2 “being the messiah” for everyone.

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All of you are completely based!

I didn’t mean to diminish anyone’s thoughts or feelings, I just meant I have been with the game since 2016 but only joined Blizzard October 2021. I remember Blizzcon 2019 as a player and member of the Overwatch community.

I can’t offer anything right now, but I have a lot of faith in the future of this game. I hope we can make it up to those of you who are feeling frustrated right now.


Well, we do have February to look for news: I believe another investor meeting is in that month, if I’m not mistaken?

Frankly, I’m not really expecting any announcement until then: Lunar New Years is mostly going to be like the other events, I presume?

The streamers are saying all that junk to make you all sub and throw money at them between now and the time blizzard actually releases something. IT IS TO THEIR FINANCIAL BENEFIT you dopes.

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We have plenty of Copium and Radioactive levels of Toxicity, but Faith is on a short supply around here to say the least, and the last balance patch isnt exactly singing songs about a brighter future.

It sure as hell looks to me, that tanks and supports are still blatantly second rate citizens and heroes like “Cassidy” are on top of the foodchain, and feedback on the changes are still going to the shredder. As long as that mentality does not change and do a 180 degree turn, it really dosnt matter how long the delay is on ow2, its going to fail faster than Anthem did. Tanks already dont stand for it anymore, and supports will follow suit very fast.


Glad that you are here but please. You should have SOMETHING to tell or show us! I mean at least give us a hint on the release date or something that ends this circle of craziness we are in right now. Lack of communication is beond ridiculous (no offense to you personally!).

When you have been looking at this mess (sorry but thats the right word for this) you know why we are frustrated and that THIS KIND OF MESSAGE again and again “it will be awesome WHEN it comes out. Just WAIT until its ready!”. This has no substance. No information. Not even something that gives us hope. We had this kind of “communication” where nothing is shown or said countless times. Also the way the devs are currently “patching” the main game is another indicator that it could be run into the ground.

We need a proper dev update with infos about OW future and WHEN WE CAN EXPEXT OW2! You can delay it all you want but let us know why and for how long!


Are you able to give us a target year for when we might get new info


Its so bad the devs themselves don’t even come here. They bring in CMs to act has cannon fodder.


Remember, kids, there is a club and you are not in it.


I just pray to god that Jodie is a good omen and is reading this and SOMEHOW get the message through that the time of “being quiet about the game” is long over. I really pray and hope that she has the position to say something like “ah… guys… I mean they are not wrong… can we give them something?”. I dont want much. If they say “OW2 maybe in 2024” then it sucks yes but it says also that I can look around for other games and invest in them. I really want to know when the time is that I play OW again. I really love this game like no freaking other! Its pure frustration!


It is definitely beyond frustrating to have zero news from the devs at this point. I mean, I’m currently downloading Valorant which I have no real interest in playing, but I am getting bored with no updates or info to keep my hyped about OW2. Can anyone recommend anything else to play that’s remotely similar other than Valorant, Apex which I hated, Paladins which the gunplay felt wonky in, or TF2? I’ll still be playing OW. I’m just looking for something else to break up the boredom.

Please make a post for being recommended of games, this post focus is on lack of transparency of blizzard

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There’s not really many popular hero shooters at the moment (unless you consider Spellbreak and Brawl Stars).

Honestly, I would recommend branching out into other genres: I’ve found myself enjoying Genshin Impact as a Free-to-Play.

Thanks for the advice. It’ll stay where it is.

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Hilarious non-answer. Heh heh.

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Thank you for your optimism Jodie.

However, I just wonder who is making these decisions and will it make sense in the end ? You understand our frustration yet don’t or im guessing cannot do anything about it. It seems to make little sense.

My question is why does everything have to be so secretive? I totally understand and will accept a delay to OW2, if that’s what is necessary to make the game great.

I just would appreciate clarity and transparency rather than vague comments that only leave people more confused and unfortunately often frustrated.

Just say something like hey, look out for February where we will show more about overwatch 2 (this time last year, i personally was much happier, having blizzconline to look forward to). Any hope will do, just something rather than being completely clueless as to what’s going on. You don’t need to give us heroes, animated shorts etc (though obviously we would love them). Just give us dates for the next ow2 thing (big or small). just some hope for the community to grasp onto.

Sorry for getting a little ranty. It’s out of passion and love for this beautiful game and i just want to see it doing well and see positivity, hype and excitement among the community again. have a good day y’all :slight_smile:

Edit: also im aware the overwatch League is playing an early build of ow2 in April, however this isn’t particularly amazing for the everyday casual player. we can make assumptions with that deadline but i think it would be more beneficial to hear directly from team 4 about plans, rather than speculation based on contradictory assumptions that leave us confused. why does important info have to come from others sources (e.g. ow2 release window from actiblizz earnings meeting). it would be so much better if we could hear first hand from the people who put so much hard work into this franchise.