Issa joke right?


Give it some time. Go take a walk or do something else while everything settles.

I, for one, am at work myself :smiley:


I just ate dinner and did everything i had to do for the day before the patch came out annoyingly


I’d like to know why they are patching literally in the middle of prime-time!!!


prime time for you, 7pm for the uk, decent time for us


In what world is this prime time? This happens every event…


Every event starting time is actually 30min~1hr from launch because of 100000 people logging in at the same time and server errors.


Are people not used to this, after playing for 2 years this happens every event so why suprised?!? I been playing since OW was in humblebundle and even I got used to it after the halloween event…


What people expect is to not get used to this with a company like Blizzard, every event we know what will happen, but Blizzard should have learned from it long time ago.


Hey everyone, a new patch has just gone live. It is typical for there to be queues to log in if the Authentication Servers are busy. Just be patient for a bit and keep trying to log in.


People are used to their “quick” login (which is actually 3 mins long for me for whatever the heck reason) because that’s what they experience 90% they get into the game.

Having to wait that long is pretty unusual since it only happens when massive patches like events starting or new heroes releasing, and only on the day those things happen, and those happen less than 10 times a year.

Saying that people aren’t used to this kind of login is sad (or at least how it seems like you’re trying to say) is kinda stupid considering it happens less than 1% time of the whole year.


Your words not mind, you can assume what I meant all you like I was just asking -shrugs- nothing less to expect from the forums.


They don’t have to patch EU and US at the same time you know…


Yes they do. It’s called being fair.


You were probably playing when the patch with the Event dropped.


How is it unfair to patch when its convenient for both?
EU hasn’t even got patch notes up yet…

Tell you what, to make it fair, how about half of patches are also in the US prime time and they rotate them…

Patch times should be made to suit the region, patches always have some degree of risk and its always better to do them outside of prime time so you can fix any disasters without annoying the largest % of your fan base possible…


No, because it’s not like EU players are asleep when NA is active and vice versa. This isn’t a “who has more priority”. When events happen, everyone should have the opportunity to join in on it when it’s initially released.

And what about Asia? Should they wait too? What about console?

I get what you mean, but it’s still not fair. One time for everyone is much better, regardless of time zone and convenience.


How is it not fair? The people who would have to wait are telling you they would prefer to wait!!!

Our event starts X hours later and ends X hours later.

Who is this unfair to? How is it unfair?


There’s your answer.


And that is pure PR BS.

Actual answer: Because its easier for us to do it all at the same time.

Sorry but I work in software development and the golden rule with live software is you NEVER ever patch in prime time. Patching in prime time is just disrespectful to your customers. We have several locations around the world and their deployment times are always in their off-hours, which means for UK deployments our devs have to get out of bed very early.

There is simply no excuse for not patching outside of prime time, its just another example of blizzard really not giving a damm about their EU customers which they have shown time and time again. I mean seriously at least put up the patch notes on the EU launcher!


Okay, you tell them that.