Is Tracer better than the love of players?


No, Genji has had a sledge hammer nerf before, just he fits the meta so he is powerful right now, Tracer hasn’t changed since launch.


Who said i find her a threat? She usually ignores me, i just said she can and almost has, she can blink off high things into you, pretty cool tracer stuff tbh


To all the people that hate Tracer you should try playing her. She’s pretty fun. Might as well play her now before she gets that huge nerf that is definitely coming… some day…


Another Tracer thread, another thread full of lies. Her pickrate is mediocre. She doesn’t kill that fast. Look that stuff up yourself.


No, they’d rather remove her from the game instead of learning how she works.


Nah it totally possible. Tracer 1 clipped me once as an ulting winston with a sym shield, Brig armor from ult, armor from torb, and a nano boost. plz nerf


One time Tracer’s recall bugged out and it recalled her whole team back to life after a team wipe.


It’s fun they want to rework Symm, Mei and Torb where they’re can’t be played against Tracer anyway… ‘-’


Did that Tracer get the huge rez achievement?


It gave her all the achievements in the game, because blizz loves Tracer so much.


I get it how she’s like the poster child for the game, but she has easily been one of the most op heroes for the past 3 seasons and could use a nerf. If they were able to nerf mercy with her big fanbase, i think they can nerf heroes like dva and tracer.


stop trying to nerf tracer dude, she is fine how she is.


Well she is the title of the game


These are the tiers that about 95% of players play at. You were saying?


If OP, is the ability to be killed in two hits by most of the heroes then I would like to keep talking about this.


know what is funny about this comment? She technically would be the only one that makes sense to actually revive players because of recall haha, since she is reversing time. Understandably she is the only one effected, but imagine if her ult was recall for the whole team haha. Totally OP.


Just played another game where she 1 clipped my entire team. wtf


go torb :rofl::joy::ok_hand::ok_hand:


This would be especially great if it included the rewind for still living players. When Tracer uses the ult, you end up where you were a few seconds ago whether you wanna or not!


Ahahah maybe they’ve all climbed my dude and plus I speak that she is strong at high levels + pointing out shes not picked at low ranks. That doesn’t determine power at that rank either. For an easy example I can play Torb in Bronze and I can guarntee you I’d win all of my games by Turret and Hammer only. I consider him to be stronger at that rank than In GM Showing unbalance in his kit and so will/is getting looked at.So shouldnt this logic be based with Tracer as shes “not” getting picked in lower elo games but is in higher?
I’M A DPS MAIN, I love playing Tracer it was kinda hard learning her but I’ve came to realize that no-one plays Support as it not fun, then blizzard hits Zen with a Nerf and OK I play him when i gotta do the supporting but making supports less and less fun which is a surprise. This comes from many players, I’m pretty sure most leave OW.
ALSO to other posts if you wanna complain about Genji, OK? I respect that but why not just make your own Forum post?