Is this the final OW 1 ranked season?

I’d expect they will do some stuff like MMR reset for the top 5% down to the top 95%.

But that’s not really relevant outside of the top 5%.

There’s a big gap between “Absolute Chaos is better than an imperfect system”.


Ranks get reset every season.

Unless you’re talking about the hidden MMR system, they said that they have a new MMR decay system in place for OW2’s competitive mode, where your actual skill metric decays over time, if it isn’t updated from you playing the game or from playing competitive.

Not sure how that works yet, since they didn’t give any new info on anything & them wanting to wait near the launch of OW2 to start giving out new info, slowly.

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Nah, these “details” will just be “so yeah this season will be short!”

We are getting nothing for OW1. Stop trying to excite people lol


I look at it more as “potentially giving the devs some good ideas”.

The developers aren’t going to decide within 4 days to push a new competitive mode because GreyFalcon from the Overwatch forums speculated they might do it


Well fair enough. Nothing I say “now” is gonna change things. But what if this wasn’t the first time I mentioned it :stuck_out_tongue:

Search results for '"overwatch 1.5" @GreyFalcon-11737 order:latest' - Overwatch Forums

or fourth…or fifth…I’m sure you’ll still propose the idea a week before launch :wink:


Maybe, there does reach a point where, like you pointed out, there’s no window of Opportunity to change stuff.

That said, I still wanna see that Role Limits mode with Open Queue, but with 1 Max Tank, 2 Max Support, and 5 Max DPS. And an optional role queue for the mode, which just gives you first-pick dibs on a role.

what year do you live in?


I feel for yah dude, but tech is always changing, Blizz try’s hard to have their games be playable on a wide variety of computers specs but some people will have to upgrade or be left behind. I still remember people complaining that they could not play World of Warcraft because they did not have an internet connection for it, they demanded an offline version be made. It is time to upgrade if you want to play the new game.


You only need the authentication thing ONCE when you log in into your battlenet account.

You don’t have to log in every time you play the game.

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Hi Craig, sorry to jump in so off topic here, but I’m looking for some help and I’m having a very hard time. My account got hacked years ago and then banned, after that I just quit OW for years. Now with OW2 coming I’ve been trying to get it unbanned so I can have my account back and play OW1 again while waiting for OW2’s launch.

Any help at all would be incredibly appreciated, or if you can point me in another direction that may be better for me to work with. I’ve tried tickets but everyone online is saying the tickets team doesn’t help players and just upholds every ban all the time so I am not hopefull for my tickets to go well.

Craig is not tech support dude, he is a community manager.

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wow community manager here to to the bare minium how about you go market the game

I wonder if they will use the last month of OW1 to test out the new ranked system. I remember them talking about testing it in a beta but then the third beta got cancelled.

That’s not his job???

You don’t know what marketing is or how it works, do you?


Don’t you see his title by his name? Community M(arketing)anager


I use to live in the year 1974 and then I time traveled to this strange new reality called 2022. Post COVID (I think) reality. Man its weird. I am confused as to what a flat panel monitor is and why radios no longer have vacuum tubes. We just came up with how to solve time travel and harnessing the power of dark matter to cross dimensions through time… (lol).

All jokes Aside pretty much most of us here in this area are involved with Farms or the farming community. As you know there is something called a COVERAGE MAP for cell service. There are areas known as “Dead zones”. and especially even larger ones for 4G LTE. So one might not think that these areas exist. But they do. Blizzard CLEARLY has nobody that gets out much and sees the rest of the United States, because of this idea of theirs. (actions speak louder than words). I mean I would LOVE to keep a 4G LTE phone on hand, but when I had one. It was useless. So I switched back to a flip phone. Infact my co-workers all have them as well. We use to transport beehives and now transport cattle feed. So a phone with a screen is really NOT a good idea to have. As those screens EASILY break. Especially when a person is working on something and their hands have grease on them, and a person needs to make a CALL on said device. So we have to use BASIC phone.

When it comes to TEXTS. there are plenty of times where texts may not go through for over 4-6 HOURS. Which is why we just call anyway.

Anyway. The FCC published this map on actual phone coverage and it just goes to show how out of touch the rest of the world is that they would be naive to think that adding one more piece of HARDWARE that relies on a 3RD party to run and access their service is absolutely a TERRIBLE idea. (Blizzard)

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Have the last 25+ seasons even mattered…

You can’t drop or go above 100-200sr during placements. It’s dumb.


they wouldnt waste dev resources on that