Is this seriously how we play "snipers" now?

There. Hanzo is fixed. Still great in skilled hands with his lunge and able to melt things with his storm arrow, but less of a must pick.

And trash in almost every tier below GM.

Dumb suggestion. Won’t happen.

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Moment I saw the thread I said to myself, out loud, “It’s gonna be a Hanzo-clip”.

Low and behold, I was right.

Hanzo occupies a “Sniper” slot, although Hanzo isn’t meant for sniping. Hanzo CAN snipe, but his main role is usually mid/close range, like a Soldier:76 or a McCree.

“But-but-but the game says he’s a sniper”
The game also says McCree is a sniper. McCree can snipe with his burst headshot damage, but, he’s just not meant to.

Hanzo is meant to be able to Tankbust, that’s why you pick Hanzo over Widowmaker.

Now, I couldn’t find the Blue/Dev post that stated Hanzo’s Scatter Arrow was ORIGINALLY MEANT FOR tank-busting, but I do remember reading it.

I included a quote from the Devs/Blizzard, so I hope if any of you wish to say “this wasn’t intended” you may educate yourselves.

"But it’s not right", yes it is. It’s exactly what they wanted.

Hanzo VS Widowmaker

Some of you will compare Widowmaker and Hanzo, both being “snipers”. I even did this earlier in my post, however, the importance with Overwatch is to remember that people are meant to swap (although not forced to).

What this entails is the fact that if you need to destroy an enemy team who is exposed, you pick Widowmaker. If they aren’t running a bunch of barriers, or the map doesn’t give you any over-head sightlines, then you don’t pick Widowmaker. You pick Hanzo instead, as he is SUPPOSED to deal high damage to Barriers/Tanks with this ability.

In fact, you can even play Hanzo AND Widowmaker, because they enable each-other. Widowmaker will kill anything trying to kill Hanzo or their supports, long before they are within reach. Hanzo will destroy frontliners such as Tanks. This includes Brigitte because 1 volley of Storm Arrows + 1 (or 2) Widowmaker shots into that shield = the shield is dead, snipers reign supreme.

In a balanced game, Snipers should be allowed to do their purpose. SNIPE.


Watch this space bucko : )

I Guarantee he won’t stay the way he is.

Yes. Honestly, I’d rather him have to hit me mutliple times to kill me than to use one scatter arrow aimed at the ground.

I’m not saying he will stay the way he is either. I’m just saying that your suggestions, wouldn’t be taken seriously. They want Hanzo to be a consistent, strong hero. Not just someone who is only effective at the top ranks.

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Except that ruins Hanzo. Hanzo is meant to be consistent high-damage. Widowmaker is not. Widowmaker is meant to take true dedication and mastery to perform.

Hanzo isn’t meant to be viable to people in Diamond+ or Master+ or GM+, he’s just meant to be viable.


At the same time they aren’t going to let this meta become established. They’ve got to make eSports entertaining, and the current meta is about as entertaining as root canal surgery without anaesthetic. And Hanzo is a huge part of the problem.

Arrow speed buff was one buff too many. Giving him lunge, storm arrow AND increased projectile speed was too much. Somethings gotta give. And the highest damaging projectiles in the game also being by far the fastest is just poor design. That’s the straw that broke the camels back.

Except if you read the patch notes in the comment I sent you, you’d see the fact that they intended this to happen.

They SPECIFICALLY SAY “with the increased arrow speed buff AND storm arrows, he can do his high damage MORE CONSISTENTLY THAN EVER BEFORE”

They wanted this. Get off your high-horse. “I know balance” No you don’t, they want Hanzo to be viable at most (if not all) ranks. That’s the point of a Rework.


If he had scatter would be even easier to do that :stuck_out_tongue: press E, shoot your legs, turn like nothing happened

Oh you mean like they wanted Sombra to be balanced? And look what happened to her. She’s worse than she was before. And she’s a hell of a lot more fun to play against than “baby’s first sniper”

Hanzo is getting nerfed. It’s not a matter of if, but when. Enjoy. x

Hanzo will get toned down. Maybe his cooldown will get raised 20%, maybe he will get one less Storm Arrow. But it will be a far cry from a nerf.


Yep. Sombra can’t do her job because their changes are BUGGY.

I’ve read the Sombra posts, from Sombra mains and Sombra one-tricks. I’ve seen the video testing, I’ve tested it myself.

Her changes are garbage, and she wasn’t even “reworked”. She got a few buffs that totally backfired because she can’t do her job. She’s never been able to do her job, she’s too niche.

Look at Bastion. Same thing, Bastion got a “rework” which was really a bunch of buffs. Those buffs did great, too great. Then they did a few “small tweaks” and ruined Bastion. But I still know Bastion Mains/One-Tricks who make it all the way to GM.

I know Sombra Mains/One-Tricks make it still to GM.

A Hero’s “fun” aspect isn’t what it’s meant for. The MAIN GOAL is for the heroes to be balanced. Hanzo IS balanced. Hanzo has counter-play.

The problem isn’t Hanzo, it’s the meta. Nobody here likes the Meta.

Brigitte counters Dive, and brings a load of armor.

Armor is countered by BURST DAMAGE. It always has been.

Armor takes off 5 (or 10) damage maximum if I remember correctly. Imagine if you do less than 10 damage per bullet, Armor will DESTROY your damage potential.

What isn’t bothered by armor? Explosives and burst damage.

The thing is, the meta WILL change. Why? BECAUSE BRIGITTE IS ALREADY NERFED ON PTR.

She won’t be as strong, so more heroes like 76, Pharah, will return. Burst heavy heroes will still be extremely strong, but that’s the point.

It’s not Hanzo, it’s Hanzo + Brigitte + Zarya + (possibly) Widowmaker + (whatever).

They work AMAZINGLY and it has hardly any counter when they’re together.

Sounds familiar, oh yeah, DIVE.

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I played him quite a bit in deathmatch and a tiny bit in comp. Storm arrows need a bit of a nerf not to drastic. Damage nerf is fine, but it can still head shoot.Rewards skill but dosent make it too powerful. I like him now, hated him before the rework.

Hanzo is to snipers what Sym is to supports

It has been this way forever but now it’s better for the hanzo

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He would have done that in half the time with scatter

i find it very funny how scatter was removed for tanks but this new ability busts them every time i encounter them compared to a one shot scatter which was rare anyways

Finally someone says it without using the words “OP, nerf etc.”

Pick Hanzo and Widow and look at what the yellow thing says on the side because if it says “too many snipers”, Hanzo’s a sniper.

Let’s be honest, he probably wouldn’t have done that if his team hadn’t won the fight already, and he was cleaning up, which is what it seems like happened.


Still better than scatter