Is this normal to anyone else?

Friends are very helpful for sure. I have a few but they have jobs and are extremely inactive. I talk to some of them maybe once a week.

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I don’t think you’re being a dick, but I do think its more healthy to not let online insults bother you as much. Growing up, I learned an important lesson: insults usually don’t matter when you consider the source. Yeah, if its your mom or dad telling you to kys, that’d hurt, but some rando on the internet? You’ll be much healthier if you let that slide off you like water.

Of course block, report and such, but if you find yourself still bothered by it, try to remember where the insult came from in the first place.

For some reason, I’ve noticed this works. If I send a report immediately after the game ends, the next day I’m greeted with a “thank you for reporting” window when I open the game. But if I wait until later in the night, after I’m done playing and am just going back to do a report then, I never get the happy window.

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Reports are never checked for CONTENT, only quantity.

I come across occasional cheaters with the same name, and each night they are the same people using trigger bots, wall hax, aimbots, and their own form of a Software based lagswitch. Nothing gets done about it.

When I use to have chat on, it was the same adults throwing tantrums in the chat channel because they haven’t grown up. So since this game is plagued with Adults acting like children. Its just better to leave chat off.

Honestly, the company isn’t interested anymore in taking care of its game. So here is how I handle it.

  • Turn off chat.
  • leave matches.
  • Play Quickplay Open Q (There is no XP penalty for leaving).
  • If players grief me. I just leave. No room for that and RDM’ing.
  • Report the player, eitherway So when their reports add-up maybe they will receive a ban and they will have to spend 30 seconds making a NEW account. :rofl:

Nah I always report as it happens, including the time a few weeks ago someone repeatedly said a certain word beginning with N in voice chat at the end of a game, and it’s very rare I get the message saying that something happened. In the case I just mentioned, nothing. And the automated bot should have picked up on the use of the word anyway. In fact, I’ve face them since that session so I know for a fact nothing happened.

Had people be a-holes in voice and text chat, who threw games, for me to point out we should report them regardless of outcome of game, only for the entire god damn lobby to crap on me for suggesting there be consequences for queueing up to a competitive mode and refusing to engage, making the game worse for everyone. To a point where they were very much in breech of conduct. Nothing for anyone there.

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No it’s not normal. They just happened to make a very specific exception to the rule in your case

Thats a normal tuesday afternoon for me on EU :slight_smile: .

yeah correct me if I’m wrong but I think Blizz said that if we report when it’s happening the system has an easier time catching it

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They definitely said that for voice chat toxicity because they record it and take a snippet of what happened just prior to the report, but idk how it works for text chat, maybe it’s the same.


I always report while it’s happening I have a screenshot of the chat where he spaced out the spelling so it would send through chat the thing is I didn’t even say anything to the person they just didn’t like me chasing them down for the kill and I didn’t even kill him he killed me :upside_down_face:

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i tried pretty hard but still can’t understand what this means

edit: yeesh nevermind i just got it