Is this normal to anyone else?

I reported this person for saying he hoped I get SA’d by a person with Down syndrome (I have a screenshot) and they never got banned. I guess that’s acceptable for match chat now for OW2.


Unfortunately not enough reports to get the…“person” (and my god I use that term so incredibly loosely for that type) actioned. If there’s not enough reports, you get the trash escaping punishment.

If it keeps saying that in other games though fingers crossed it gets banned perma.

As a sad sidenote, you’ll get the moron brigade saying stuff like “Get A ThICKeR SkiN BruH It’S JuST BaNTs” as well. They’re out there for sure sadly.


Nothing we can do about it.

I have more success reporting as soon as they send the message. Unfortunately a lot of people think reporting does nothing so they never do it :confused:

People generally aren’t going to have action taken to them if it’s just one or two instances of being reported, especially if it’s not something with easy to identify keywords (e.g. saying the n word). Moderators are not personally reviewing every instance of abusive chat for things that are too complex to be understood by automation.

Well there is simple explanation as to what happened…


Because people do not report, toxics are running rampant. Of course now and then they are getting suspended.

Also there is a question how often they are like that. If player is only rude to you, and in other games they are not rude to any one, players that play with them do not see the reason for report.

Basically, you do not get suspended for flaming once in a blue moon, which is dumb if you ask me. But it is what it is, and it has to be if we want to keep automated system.

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Exactly this, but also this community is mostly toxic people. I’ve had cases of someone telling me to kill myself in a match numerous times, and I beseech others in the match to report them and am just told that I’m a “sensitive crybaby” if “online banter” bothers me.

I see them again 4 matches later.

Also sorry this happened to you, OP.


If they think that is online banter, they have serious issues that need looking at in all honesty. That’s not banter, it’s just being a trash human being.


Yeah, that is actually disgusting… How many people think that telling some one to off themselves is “just a online banter”…


Is this ok to react on some randys on the net?

In these cases it’s entirely possible the people defending the toxic person were their friends in a group.
People get very “brave” in this game when they’re in a group, and say things they’d normally be too scared to say. A lot of awful things, and their friends will back them up every time.

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I hope you disappear just like Sushi did tbh. Sick of you and your troll takes and responses.
If anyone thinks I’m being a dick with this, they have made many toxic responses to me and others throughout their time here and also comment on nearly every thread I make trying to get a reaction from me.

Unfortunately the automated system is basically a strikeout system that takes a lot of reports to action someone.
So even if someone is exhibiting what I call “instant permaban behaviour” like sustained targeted harassment, personal threats etc, the person at the very least will get to keep doing that for several games before they get banned, and very likely will not get banned at all if they don’t do it to enough people. A lot of the absolute worst abuse comes from people who probably have untreatd mental health issues, where maybe they’re fine 95% of the time but when snap, they really snap.

That’s why we need a priority report system. Like maybe one report per month that is guaranteed to be reviewed by a human. Because that’s really the only way you’re gonna be able to have zero tolerance in situations where you need it.

I’m really not trying to antagonize you. You’re totally welcome back if you want to be back. I brought it up since it sounded like quitting was something you needed to do for your mental health, and honestly, looking at several of your posts today… you sound like you could use a break at the very least. Habits can be hard to break and sometimes outside reinforcement helps.

But since you don’t want to hear about it, I’ll be done talking about it.

Sorry for overreacting. It’s extremely hard for me to know who hates me and who doesn’t and who’s against me and who’s not anymore. I have had so many people be condescending and sarcastic to me on these forums I now believe everyone is being that way now. I should leave but I have no community to be a part of and I want one badly. There’s nothing for me to fall back on so this is all I have. It sucks.

If you are on console, I’m gonna just say it. They don’t care. They haven’t been acting on reports for a full 2 seasons now.

I’m not sure if they are bugged or what.

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I don’t think a community is what you need, I think you are needing a good friend.

I also have ASD and my problem was actually needing a friend/friends to play with

Found that person a couple of years back, about to also meet them IRL in a few weeks I’m very nervous and :person_standing: scared

NGL, I took a break off the forums since January, I don’t post as much, as I used to. But at one point I used to be really really really active here. I don’t really know a single person off these forums who I play games with or anything, maybe I’ll talk to 1-2 of them on discord, but that’s about it.

I haven’t left my house much for over a decade, I’m extremely lonely, depressed and stuff so I know how you feel, it can make you feel really down if you have nobody to talk with especially if nobody has anything in common with you or doesn’t want to talk about your hyperfixation (for me that’s Moira LOL)

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I don’t care about most things said but I absolutely will always report “kys” screw that.

You have no idea what that other person is feeling or going through. It’s never a joke to tell someone to go kill themselves.

I’m honestly hating the world and society as time goes on because nasty stuff like this is becoming more commonplace and normalized. Who the hell made that saying common?


people replace the K with “Off” on Roblox and they never get banned :person_standing: no matter how many times I report those rats, just because I declined their bloody trade and that’s a game where a lot of people are much younger than Overwatch players, it’s yikes how bad automated systems are :woman_standing:

It’s not acceptable. One report doesn’t get a person instantly banned. There needs to be multiple reports before something happens. They say that stuff to get a reaction. A lot of players just ignore people like that, thus they don’t report. I usually just report, mute, avoid and hope for the best.