Is this experiment intentionally heavy handed?

I’m not saying it was changed, where do you see that? Not everyhing needs a change in numbers to be changed, it’s called indirect effects, now due to the augmented HPS she’ll waste less energy and she’ll charge the ult faster, yet they haven’t changed her ultimate charge nor her resource meter, how curious huh?

!. they weren’t exactly gound breaking with the last experimental path for supports

  1. 90 percent of the changes usualy go through

why does everyone get crazy about storm arrows

its 50 more damage

its like a worse version of mccree primary fire

That’s the thing – Overwatch is diluting the outplay potential of tanks and supports in favor of making DPS more impactful. As it is, I barely touch tanks and support, and I used to main tanks and do support as my secondary role.

I think Blizzard has to make all roles more exciting and rewarding, not just DPS, because players like me who are shifting to DPS are finding other games more exciting when playing for eliminations and kills.

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Honestly, Overwatch still feels pretty good, it just sucks to realize that your most fun matches happen while playing DPS in QP than your best role in comp

That’s fine. However they shouldn’t do it by making them all killers.

All heroes in OW can contribute to eliminations. The primary difference is that for any hero that is not a DPS, there are limits to their DPS efficiency – it is either limited in range, effectiveness, or limited by cooldowns.

The current changes they are doing is heavy handed because they are stripping supports of the capacity to defend themselves. They did that to tanks a long time ago when they nerfed tanks to stifle GOATs.

On the whole, it’s not a good time to be a support or a tank player.

i mean most of the experimental card that were for trying “wild stuff”, weren’t really full of wild changes (except the first one), and we have seen most of them go through to live.

If they are to nerf her damage beam and really really have to nerf it for dumb reasons, the maximum should be 5dps and she should get 5hps leech back to her beam.

They just nerfed her orbs staying ability so they do less damage and less healing in general, so if they want to gut the remainder damage of Moira as well, the least they need to do is give her some staying power back to compensate if her enemies are going to stay active and harass her for 1 additional second minimum. 1 second is eternity even against characters she’s supposed to counter and 20hps and strafe won’t do a thing against improved fan of blades spam. And that’s the char she has good matchup with.

If 20% damage nerf goes through, Moira will stop existing, too many nerfs and this is probably going to be the most crippling one. Forget the sustain nerf, leech nerf, barrier nerf, orb nerf and fade cd nerf, this one will be a devastating nerf and out of the question.

It begs the question why are devs willing to go this far to nerf moira, a character who to this day has only been meta in high ranks once and continues to be worse than ana even in low ranks, just to keep her skill delta intact if they don’t like what moira is doing in the first place. I rather play a slightly more difficult hero than a garbage one.

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But in a team game setting should a support be able to defend themselves with ease? Shouldn’t the off tanks or dps peel and assist the supports when getting jumped? Sure the team may not help you out, but the game shouldn’t be balanced around each player have the capacity to be independent.

Then you don’t remember how dominant dive was prior to OWL. The game was about erasing the Zenyatta or Ana first, then eliminating the rest of the team afterwards. As it is in a lot of my games, Zen or Ana is already dead against DF, Genji, and Tracers – you can add wrecking ball, Winston and DVa to that list now.

The meta is a game of meta musical chairs – players are complaining about deathball now, the same way they are complaining about rush comps, double barriers just a year or so prior, but it’s nothing compared to the longevity of dive.

And like any change in metas, players will go through the same hue and cry, feel more jaded about Blizzard, and some of those whose mains get affected will quit the game – mostly support players which are difficult to defend.

I do not understand the relevance of your statement.

People have felt like this for a LONG time.

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What’s so no about it?
Genji is barely played & is claimed to be weak by the forums & was buffed, Echo is complained about being strong & was nerfed, Moira is complained about her DPS being too strong & was nerfed. Hanzo fell totally out of relevancy once he was nerfed, now he’s being reverted. I forget what else was changed

Dive is a really quick method of taking out squishies – peeling isn’t sufficient to protect any of the supports or dps once you’re a dive target. There is a reason why dive was too oppressive – mobility is too much of an advantage in this game.

There is a reason the game has evolved in its present state, and if the idea of Blizzard is to go meta musical chairs, we’re in trouble because repeating the mistakes of history, whether it’s in a game of OW or real life, is stupid, and would only lead to the usual decline in players when changes polarize the player base too much.

They know exactly what they’re doing. They knew changes like this would stop people talking about existing issues in the game by presenting all new potential ones.

What better way to deflect from the smurfs, boosters, queues, and tanking problems than to play a ‘buff the Shimadas’ card.

Seriously. These “experimental” changes are getting worse each one.

Despite being the lowest damage dealing hero in the game already…

Are they?

The meta is shifting to Rein + Sigma, it sounds like we needed more barrier break. They just need to also buff Orisa’s barrier.