Is there a way to display info to the log console?

Hello everyone, I hope I am creating this post correctly. Currently I am trying to make it so after the match is over, it sends players stats to the console. Right now, it just does the player name, eliminations, and deaths. Right now, after playing through a match, there is nothing in my log besides the usual mumbo jumbo. Is there something wrong with this logic? I am new to the Workshop so any help would be appreciated. The goal is for the stats for all 10 players to be outputted to the console so that I can then copy them into a file and parse/sort data.

variables {
		0: playerName
		1: eliminations
		4: deaths

rule("Log Routine") {
	event {
		Ongoing - Each Player;

	conditions {
		Is Match Complete == True;

	actions {
		Log To Inspector(Custom String("{0} / {1} / {2}", Event Player.playerName, Event Player.eliminations, Event Player.deaths));

The script seems fine, make sure under game options, gameplay->general->custom games-workshop workshop inspector and workshop inspector log file options are enabled. Then normally in game under the workshop inspector menu/console, when you complete a match on the right panel the logs of each player’s stats as setup with your workshop script should appear and also a txt file named with that match log date time as it’s name will be created under yourdrive/yourusername/documents/overwatch/workshop directory. When you open a file it should contain the log data with timestamps. You can use the data for other purposes, for example i use it for a custom ranking system very soon, i currently finished a formatter shell script to remove the time stamps by recognizing the string patterns and move the log files out of the log directory mentioned above. And the transformed files will be used in a database and for statistically operations and methods later. :smiley:

OMG you are literally a life saver. I am an idiot and only had one of those settings turned on. You don’t understand how happy you have made me. I appreciate the reply!

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No problem, glad i could help. :smiley: