Is the Tracer Pulse Bomb nerf, really less effective against Tanks only?


Is the Tracer nerf accurate or Blizzard are kinda forcing a new meta, nerfing Tracer much more than they stated without telling us?

Developer Comments:

1 - Let’s break down what the pulse bomb DOES NOT kills anymore:

  • Zarya (also could buble to protect herself completly)
  • Orisa (Orisa would still survive with the old 400 damage because of her armor if she was in full health, as well she has fortify ability to reduce the damage)
  • Ulting Brigitte
  • Bastion
  • Teleporter
  • Shield generator
  • Multikills (Pulse bomb blast radius got reduced - check out this link for detailed explanation:
  • Since blast radius is reduced, the Zarya-Tracer ultimate combo is gonna be much less valuable (consider if they have Brigitte in their team to armour them up? Not a 1 kill - a complete waste)

What about indirect nerfs?

2 - Introduction of Brigitte to the game. Let’s break down how Brigitte indirectly nerfs Tracer:

  • Brigitte vs Tracer in 1v1 duel is impossible
  • Tracer cant kill any Hero at all in the game with her Pulse Bomb if Brigitte ulted (200HP + 150 armour = 350 HP) I think the pulse would not even kill the Tracer because of the armour damage reduction - haven’t tested that yet.
  • Squishies buffed either by Brigittes ultimate or from her repair pack cannot be one clipped anymore unless all hits are headshots.
  • Brigitte peeling capabilities are very very good, meaning the Tracer cannot do it’s job bullying the supports anymore.
  • Specifically Zenyatta is now much harder to kill if he has armour because you first have to chip away the shield which regenerates really fast, and the armour stays under the Zenyatta shield indefinitely unless damaged. Explained in a video here:

3 - Introduction of Hanzo 2.0 to the game

  • His new abilities makes him more effective against Tracer (if you have mediocre aim as Hanzo)

4 - Dive is hard countered by Brigitte if played properly (considering how high Brigitte pick rate currently is)

  • If there are no tanks like Winston and DVA creating space for Tracer to dive in, the effectiveness of Tracer is lowered by allot - Tracer cannot stay much in the front line to do damage, because she has the lowest HP in the game, and her pistols are not effective in long rage.

Conclusion? Did the developers nerfed Tracer to make her less effective against Tanks only? Was this nerf needed when Brigitte came into the game?

p.s. I really enjoyed watching pros dive in OWL so much coordination, so much skill… i am worried how often we will see her in the current meta in OWL.


i kinda want her pulse bomb be able to kill teleporter :frowning:


Her pulse bomb is less effective against everyone due to drop off damage


Realistically it’s not gonna matter once she’s reworked.


Pulse bomb also can not kill Doomfist anymore if he gains over 50 shield health. Usually takes just 2 hits with abilities to get to 310 health and be able to survive a pulse bomb.


I didn’t realise that, nice catch.

Realistically it’s a long way from happening. What about until then?


Why not also shoot it? Put the pulse bomb on and shoot it as well.


A few hours ago i just tried that, Symmetra turrets were around the teleporter and i had to recall before i did enough damage together with the pulse bomb, by the time i got back to try again, Symmetra and Bastion shooed me away.


Deal with the less than 1% chance you have of even encountering a Symmetra? Why would they buff the damage solely for an interaction that isn’t going to stay? It’s not like it’s broken if it can’t anyway, it was just nice to have.


I don’t think i listed only “Teleporter” that the bomb is less effective against currently, now did i? If it was the Teleporter only, who gives 2 cents about this nerf. What about the other reasons i listed that the bomb is now less effective against (that are not tanks)?

edit: What about the rest of the indirect nerfs i listed?


Blizzard will always go back on their word with enough player demand. That’s why there were nerfs to Tracer and D.Va. People kept asking for it.