Is the Overwatch x Le Sserafim music video canon?

According to the lore, overwatch playable characters are divided into the good, the evil, and the unaffiliated groups. But in the Overwatch x Le Sserafim collab recently, it’s shown in the music video that Tracer,, Brigitte, and Kiriko are going to a Kpop concert together, even including Sombra at the end.

Sombra is part of Talon, and Kiriko isn’t part of the Overwatch group. Yet it’s shown that they get along in a MV licensed by OW

So is it canon that they’re all actually friends when it comes to enjoying music?

(P/s: Sombra being good with the “good girls” is what I needed in my life)

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No, deventily not.
Sombra would not rip her head cyberware out.
Also Le Sserafim would be really old if it would be Canon.
Overwatch takes places around 2077.


it implies the characters abuse their abilities in traffic and that sombra does whatever she wants. and junkrat the world most notorious criminal is just allowed in there

It’s another Universe in Overwatch kind of like League with KDA.

I think the world of Overwatch isn’t so much in the future but exist in a “future” universe where everything is futurist but the culture is no different from out world, Their 2077 is like our 2000s or something like that. Basically they have more advance tech but they laugh at the same outdated themes. That’s older characters know what disco is.
Take Mei for example her whole cryro freeze stuff seems like something she would pick up from the 50s but would have grown up in the 60s or 70s, but lives the world of 2083.

Damn Sentai, you blew my mind! :exploding_head:

Its like an alternative Universe, but farther into the future, existing parallel to our Universe.