Is Roadhog getting something like Micro Missles?

Not a rework, but new animation required? Last time we got something along this line was getting Micro Missles to make up for the heavy nerf to defense matrix.

I genuinely don’t see any aspect of Roadhog currently that needs nerfs, but could he be getting something new? Passive? Interact key? new ultimate mechanic?


I want him to stick Junkrat in his gun and fire him the the enemy team.


“Scrap me, daddy. UwU” launches Junkrat from scrap gun


90’s era Ghost Rider had a move where he’d whip his chain and it would split into individual links for a spread attack. That’s all I can think of.


Butcher in Diablo 3 has a similar attack that sends an AoE spike attack. Hog seems to be very heavily built from Butcher’s design, so maybe he will get something similar?


I could see them adding a delay to his hook where he swings it over his head a couple of times before throwing it, in exchange for a shorter cooldown. He gets more opportunities to hook enemies in and control space, but enemies get a longer window to react. It would nerf Flank Hog, but improve his teamfighting power.

They could be doing something with his hook again, though I’m not really in a position to suggest what it could be. Perhaps they chose to mess with the way he tosses his hook/reels it back in, or something new with the scrapgun for whole hog?

I believe the most problematic areas for Hog currently are Take a Breather and Whole Hog. Both are beyond easily counterable by about half of the roster, and with Ana being the meta support, you’re guaranteed sleep darts and anti-heals, which both mostly affect Hog’s breather and ult. If they’re not adding something to his kit, I would assume one of both of those will need to be looked at. Whole Hog is especially a joke with the endless amount of CC in the game.


If the junkrat dies at the end you’ve got a deal.


Maybe a new passive that the only way you can damage him is if you shoot his belly button


Can Sombra’s boop emote insta-kill him then since it can touch his belly button???


I’d have accepted the ugly prototype in PTR if they couldn’t finish it in time. They weren’t afraid to remove Reinhardt because he apparently broke the game so severely, so they might as well have given us a barely-worked-on ability to theorize with.

His take a breather will now be a sandvich.


Did somebody say TF2?!


Nah He just gets fired to the enemy and can fight normally. If he dies shirtly after the shot, he will drop more bombs than usual.

Well, they said tuning/balancing so just a slight tweak in numbers and that probably means a reduction/addition of something animation wise maybe? Either way, I’m excited for the hog either way!

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my guess was take a breather while ulting or some sort of combination of his skills since they said he didn’t get a rework just tuning


If it’s anything like my nightmares…

adds the ability to use hook as a positioning tool


Probably means they’re gonna make his animations a bit longer or something like they did with Rein’s shield.

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If they do this they need to up his damage on his hook. The enemy team would have much more time to react to a hook and heal up the damage before being pulled in.

Assuming your entire team won’t shoot your hooked target of course.