Is removing Cleanse Effect from Suzu possible?

How are you able to put that in? A relative question and sub topic thats been talked about especially within the community as abilities like these are very strong. I am trying to remove that cleansing effect from Suzu. What would be the rule for that, with the conditions and actions? Im learning and new at this.

No. I don’t think you can remove the cleanse effect, as you can’t modify abilities’ secondary effects. However, some have workarounds like Ashe’s Dynamite burn or Widow’s Mine poison, that you can cleanse them.

yeah as he said its not possible. however technically there is workarounds that he didn’t mention.

  1. Killing the Player: by Killering the player, resurrecting them and restoring their previous health (store in a variable before killing), then all status effects will be removed.

  2. Swapping Hero: by Swapping the hero then swapping it back and restoring all cooldowns, health, ultimate charge, etc. (store them all in variables before changing), then that will also remove all status effects.

Option 2 is more work and not perfect as some heros have bugged abilities cooldowns that the workshop doesn’t set/read properly. but it also doesn’t have a random kill in the killfeed.

(these are the only 2 methods that i can think of. i dont think there is any more, and as you can tell they are both pretty bad)