Is OW 2 more of a PvE game or PvP game?

In a magazine interview about OW2 they said that their will be progression systems tied to these replayable missions. The talent/skill customization system we saw at Blizzcon (leveling up heroes to customize and upgrade their abilities and ults) is just one of several systems they have planned, according to them.

Basically the incentive for these, from my understanding, is to level up your hero and increase their power and customize their playstyle to be a completely unique hero from everyone else’s version. And then I’m assuming you can increase the difficulty, etc.

I also read the endgame content is being worked on by Diablo 3 and WoW head devs so that means it should be pretty good! :wink: Those guys know how to do PvE!

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Is there a kickstarter or gofundme page to buy into early beta access? (hehe)

How and when can NDA-signing enthusiasts become part of the OW2 playtesting and contribute with early feedback.

Will we by any chance have updates in OW2’s future that add more to the story or even updates to add side stories and fun Halloween ones?
like the expansions to WoW?

Honestly if it was done right I would say yes. I said ages ago OW needed spin off games to help push the lore/story along. It would help flesh out the game setting and make Blizzard money at the same time.

30 bucks or so for a new PVE campaign every year or two would of been pretty great. It would have to be a separate game though because the built in engine just seems really poorly designed to run AI bots and the like.


Holy cow!!! I can’t believe it!!

will there be any sort of solo gameplay? im thinking something like the mage tower for different characters in the game could be pretty cool, even if the main game is made more for multiplayer. i really enjoyed the challenge in those when i was playing wow, and it felt kind of nice somehow to know that every time i fail at completing it i can only blame myself :grin:

Jeff, I just love you so freaking much dude!

Keep up the communication! ;D


I’m certainly hoping the hero missions will be fun enough and have enough variety that I will want to play them again and again.

But, maybe it will end up being a gateway for him into the pvp, like the announcement was for me.



Will 3 heroes still be added per year when OW2 hits or will the inclusion of each hero requiring PVE talents slow down the pace of new heroes?

So, your repeatable missions are like Bounties in D3 or World Quests in WoW? Neither of which are inspired or very repeatable, enjoyment wise, past the first week or so.

Okay then. Thanks for the heads up.

And a co-op PvE can, and is, often called a campaign. But they are usually meaty and of some length, ala Borderlands. So, is OW2 a campaign, or just a small linear story?

What do you envision as the average play length, in hours, to get through your OW2 linear story?

Content creators are about to drop new vids with clickbait titles + thumbnails using this line in 3… 2… 1… :joy:

But for real though. Are you guys going to keep certain heroes PvE or PvP EXCLUSIVE?


Overwatch 2 should just be an expansion to the original game. Seriously, it reuses enough assets, and could easily be added into the current game after everything is done and done. I’d rather pay a $30-40 expansion instead of a $60 game, that should’ve had all this stuff from the start. PvE outside of annual events (for example) were requested from the beginning not long after the first Halloween event.

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COuld you clarify this? Are there going to be PvE only playable heroes, that can’t be used in PvP?

And on a similar note, after OW2 is released, are new heroes going to be released with their own full story quests in the PvE on their release? Or are those going to be put in in later updates?


If its anything like ole Hellgate London which was before its time but failed. We will all get Flagshipped.

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Thank you SO MUCH for responding!!! I think you are the best !!! You are always so kind to the community and you show that you really care!!! I love you Jeff!!! You are the MAN!!

Hey, Jeff. I just want to say I’m happy Gothenburg is added to OW2. Now I can feed in my hometown :sunglasses:

How do i get that icon? I need to know.

Speaking of new heroes, Jeff can y’all please release us a new hero now? It’s been 6 months and we haven’t had any new content. We really should have had a new hero by now. My fear is all the new heroes we will be getting at OW2 are just the ones we would have gotten sooner but their being backlogged to save up content. We are coming up on when we would have gotten a second hero… :confused:

Also please give us a chloromancer in ow2!

We can’t wait for Echo to be released next :cry: